Help us find justice for the lost cases of Garvin County:

The purpose of The Eleventh Commandment is to maintain the promise that justice exists for all.
Our organization was founded in good faith to empower the common citizen to act responsibly and to endeavor dutifully within their communities. The underlying belief behind our movement is that no one; no matter their influence or connections, should be able to subvert, avoid, or deceive the due process of law. Our members and supporters work tirelessly to uphold and benefit the laws of our land and the lawful efforts of legitimate entities throughout our legal system.

Whenever these principles are threatened, our band of motivated citizens work to expose those who would corrupt our way of life. We've encountered vice, graft, depravity, deceipt, brutality and murder and fought back at every turn from the moral high ground of the law abiding citizen. We've worked to ouster illegitimate officials who knelt before special interest. We have sought to root out those who prey on the weak under the color of law. Regardless of the threat, those who have benefitted from The Eleventh Commandment will always remember. Those who have met us adversely will never forget.

Whether it involves affecting change in elected office, statuatory process or public opinion, The Eleventh Commandment will be there. There are those who may attempt it, but thou shalt not get away with it...

The Eleventh Commandment is actively involved in the search for truth regarding three deaths which occurred within the geographical confines of Garvin County, Oklahoma between July 2000 and December 2008 as well as the environment of ineptitude and hostility which surrounded those deaths and their aftermaths.

Despite over a decade of political setbacks, administrative malfeasance and outright corruption, evidence exists and more is forthcoming that strongly indicates all three deaths were murders and in all three cases the perpetrators roam free. Recent in-depth scrutiny by a variety of media outlets has given the cases new momentum.

Additionally, the events surrounding the 2010 Garvin County Sheriffs race have proven promising as challenger Larry Rhodes, a former Oklahoma City Police Captain has been elected against overwhelming odds. One of Sheriff Rhodes’ decisive platform issues was his promise to thoroughly and objectively inspect the following three death cases.
Most importantly, on November 1st, 2011, the Chanda Turner Reform Act took effect, allowing families of lost loved ones to appeal the incomplete, bogus or incorrect rulings of the Office of the Chief Medical examiner in District Court. This major change in Oklahoma Law came about following the intense efforts on the part of shooting victim Chanda Turner's family as well months of intense work by legal teams, lawmakers, lobbying supporters and thousands of phone calls and e-mails from supporters of the law.

May the truth be known and justice served. 'Thou shalt not get away with it...'

    The Eleventh Commandment supports and assists the continued investigation into the July 12th, 2000 murder of Chanda Turner from Elmore City, Oklahoma. Chanda died via a gunshot outside of Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, the county seat of Garvin County. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Chanda's cause and manner of death was ruled a suicide. After a ten year fight to get the case officially reopened, Chanda's remains were disenterred and an exhumation autopsy was performed by OCME Pathologist Collie Trant. Additionally, forensic pathologist Dr Robert Bux attended and participated in the post-exhumation autopsy pursuant to an Oklahoma court order.

Despite the fact that this autopsy clearly confirmed homicide, the cause and manner of death in Chanda's case remained suicide and Dr. Trant was fired soon thereafter setting off a firestorm of scandal within the office of the Chief Medical Examiner. In the aftermath of these and other repeated scandals, including one involving legislative corruption, Chanda's case has been allowed to grow cold. Her killer walks free to this day, protected by corrupt officials and layer upon layer of procedural ineptitude. Stonewalled at every turn and caught in an unbelievable legal catch-22, the Turner family and their attorney Jaye Mendros were forced to engage the Oklahoma Legislature to change the methods by which forensic pathology is carried out in Oklahoma. These efforts paid off with the recent passage of the CHANDA TURNER REFORM ACT in the Spring 2011 Session of the Oklahoma Legislature.

Click below to watch the Chanda Turner tribute video prepared by The Eleventh Commandment:

    The Eleventh Commandment also supports the continued investigation into the January 6th 2004 murder of Sheila Deviney in Maysville, Oklahoma. Sheila's short life was snuffed out by a group of persons who set upon her, subdued her and burned her to death in her trailer home. Like the Turner case, the Devineys had to literally fight tooth and nail for nearly a year before any scrutiny at all would be put on their daughter's case and had continual battles with the Medical Examiner, the State Fire Marshal, the Garvin County Sheriff's Office and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

    The efforts paid off in that the cause and manner of Sheila Deviney's death was eventually modified to read homicide on a Grand Jury report, a Liquid Petroleum Gas Inspector's report, a Fire Marshal's report, A Medical Examiner's report and on her death certificate. Despite this progress, a similar apathetic attitude amongst officials in Garvin County also allowed the case to grow cold. Following the formation of The Eleventh Commandment in 2010, the Deviney family was empowered to renew their daughter's case with vigor. This relentless, continued effort has allowed the case to be spotlighted in local and national media and has enticed supporters to allow the Deviney family the ability to offer a $50,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for Sheila's Death. Recent scrutiny by several nationally known experts from a variety of disciplines has allowed startling conclusions to be drawn regarding Sheila's homicide that were never approached previously. This new information along with recent changes in Oklahoma law pertaining to cold cases has enabled Sheila's family to inch ever closer towards closure and the eventual capture and conviction of those persons responsble for murder in Garvin County. For more on the death of Sheila Deviney, follow her on facebook at JUSTICE FOR SHEILA DEVINEY or on the web at 
    Click Below to watch the video presentation of Sheila Deviney's life. Don't miss the theme song, 'It's raining at my house' sung by her brother Davey Deviney and dedicated to Sheila's memory:

    The Eleventh Commandment was formed as a direct result of the aftermath of this third insidous death which occurred in Wynnewood. Tom Horton, a beloved and respected Vo/AG teacher was shot to death with a 12 gauge shotgun while a family member was in the home. This family member was not sufficiently questioned by police and claimed to be 'intoxicated and passed out' directly overhead in an upstairs bedroom and denied hearing the shot. Most damning was the fact that Tom Horton had been called to his home from work to deal with this particular family member's threats of suicide in the first place.

     Despite immediate and repeated requests by other family and friends to police for scrutiny at the scene, the case was quickly ruled a suicide without benefit of an autopsy or other specialized forensic tests such as fingerprinting or gun shot residue. Although physical evidence was located in multiple rooms of the home and in remote locations outside of it, the crime scene as such was confined only to the immediate area surrounding the chair where Tom Horton died.

     Eventually, after months of effort, a contentious Grand Jury Investigation discounted and refused to hear important evidence regarding handwriting issues surrounding the alleged suicide note as well as pertinent ballistics evidence regarding the firearm in question. Two years after the fact, remaining blood splatter evidence remains and to date, neither an autopsy nor a complete investigation into the totality of the evidence has been completed. Due to a widely held feeling of outrage within the communities Tom frequented, volunteers, friends and well wishers have brought new life to the issue. This renewed assistance has recently brought potential new evidence to light. The search for justice continues...

    Click below for the presentation video, 'Justice for Tom Horton' a powerful telling of the events surrounding Tom's December 10th 2008 demise and the legal aftermath.