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2012 NEWS
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$100,000 Cash Reward Offered in Chanda Turner Case:
Dec 5, 2012
A cash reward verified and stored in a Garvin County bank is now being offered for information leading to the successful prosecution of those responsible for the July, 2000 shooting death of Chanda Turner in Garvin County.
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Garvin County Sheriff Officially Reopens Chanda Turner Death Investigation:

Nov 20, 2012
Following amendments made to the Chanda Turner's death certificate by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes has officially re-opened the investigation into her July, 2000 shooting death on Klondike Road, west of Pauls Valley.
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Chanda Turner Death Certificate amended following scrutiny under the Chanda Turner Reform Act:
Nov 16, 2012

After 12 years of effort, the cause and manner of her death listed as suicide has been removed from Chanda Turner's death certificate, paving the way for prosecution of her killers.

Dr. Andrew Sibley Fired From the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
July 23rd, 2012
Deputy Chief of the office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Andrew Sibley and two ranking supervisory investigators have been terminated for various breaches of procedure. Follow the links below for the story.
Daily Oklahoman HERE
Tulsa World HERE and HERE and HERE

Andy Adkins of Pauls Valley has died
July 9th, 2012
The only person ever indicted by the 2009-2010 Tom Horton Grand Jury has died suddenly of indeterminate causes. An investigation into the cause and manner of his death has been launched by Garvin County Authorities.

Controversy returns to OCME after cooler failure:
May 17th, 2012
A failed 42 year old cooler unit
fails at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, causing human remains to be moved and once again leading leading to calls for reform from legislators.
KWTV 9 Story: HERE
Daily Oklahoman Story:

Murder Charges filed in Brownlee Murder case
May 4th, 2012
Following an eight month period of investigation and cooperation between law enforcement agencies and proactive citizens, a Wynnewood man is charged with the September 2011 beating death of Glen Brownlee.
Pauls Valley Democrat Story: HERE
KXII Ardmore Channel 12 Story:

Former Senate Leader found guilty of bribery:

March 5th, 2012
Former Senate President Pro Tem, Mike Morgan has been found guilty in Federal Court of one count of bribery. He was aquitted on 59 other counts and the jury could not reach a decision on charges of extortion and mail fraud.

Garvin County Authorities probe infant's death:
March 4th, 2012
Garvin County authorities and the OSBI have begun an investigation into the suspicious death of a Paoli infant.

Former OK County District Judge pleas guilty to fraud:
March 2nd, 2012
Former Oklahoma County District Judge, Tammy Bass-Lesure has pled guilty to two felony counts of fraud and obtaining assistance in excess of $500. She has been sentenced to a three year deferred sentence and has since resigned from office. Restitution to the State of Oklahoma regarding fraudulent adoption subsidies remains to be set.
KOCO News 5 link
KOKH Fox 25 link
Daily Oklahoman link

Supporters of murder victim stage rally at A.G. office:
March 2nd, 2012
Family and friends of Bethany murder victim Carina Saunders staged a protest of sorts in front of the Oklahoma Attorney General's Office regarding the AG's support of the decision of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to keep Saunders' autopsy report private.

Garvin County Murder Charges end in plea agreement:
Feb 24th, 2012
Following more than two years and one previous mistrial, the murder charges against Paoli resident Johnny Speerbrecher are dropped and he has been allowed to plea no contest to a reduced charge of enabling child abuse.

Accused State Rep announces candidacy for Cleveland County Commision:
Feb 19th, 2012
Despite his ongoing bribery charges, currently serving State Representative Randy Terrill has announced his candidacy for the soon to be vacated District 2 seat on the Cleveland County Commision.
Norman Transcript Link
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'Chanda Law' Appeals of OCME Begin in OK County District Court:
Jan 25th, 2012
The intial phase of the appeals process per the newly passed provisions of the Chanda Turner Reform Act [Affecting OK Statutes Title 62 Sec 942 and 942A] has begun in Oklahoma County District Court. Family members and attorney's representing Chanda Turner are appealing the decision of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner concerning that agency's findings regarding the July 2000 shooting death of Chanda Turner in Garvin County. The outcome of said appeals promises to have pround and historical effects on Oklahoma law. See additional the KXII Channel 12 link to the story

Wynnewood murder suspect makes plea agreement; sentenced to 20 years in exchange for testimony
Jan 2nd, 2012
Once formerly charged with First Degree Murder in the 2010 beating death of Chad Sims, Roland 'Brent' Hatley has pled guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter in exchange for his testimony against co-defendent, J.J. Johnson.

2011 NEWS 
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Arrest made within 24 hours in Garvin County double homicide:
Dec 15th, 2011
Garvin County Sheriff's Deputies along with OSBI Agents have arrested 19 year old David Bryan Kelley for the alleged First Degree Murders of Karen and Shawn Ott within 24 hours of their bodies being discovered. Additionally, an alleged murder weapon has been recovered as well. Investigation continues. No motive has been released.

KWTV OKC Channel 9

KOKH OKC Channel 25 LINK

Dec 14th, 2011
The bodies of a man and a woman were discovered at a rural mobile home residence just off Klondike Road in Southwest Garvin County. The Garvin County Sheriff's Office, OSBI and Office of the Chief Medical Examiner are currently investigating. Follow the following links to:

KWTV OKC Channel 9

KOCO OKC Channel 5

The Pauls Valley

KFOR OKC Channel 4

KOKH OKC Channel 25

KXII Ardmore Channel 12

Connection between 2004 Garvin County Homicide and 1991 Lawton beating death:
Dec 5th, 2011
Startling information brought to the attention of The Eleventh Comnmandment indicates a potential connection between a 2004 Maysville homicide by arson and a 1991 beating death in Lawton, Oklahoma. KOKH 25 reports.

Judge rules against additional Conspiracy charges for accused lawmakers
Dec 5th, 2011
Oklahoma County District Judge Ray C. Elliot has ruled the Prosecutors do not have sufficient evidence to add additional charges of Conspiracy against accused lawmakers Rep. Randy Terrill and former Senator Debbe Leftwich. The pair are set to stand trial on the previous charges of bribery which stem from an alleged plot involving the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Read the KOCO version of the matter here:  

Dozens line up for Chanda Law Appeals
Nov 22nd, 2011
In the wake of a numerous questionable findings by critics of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, the families of dozens of Oklahoma death victims begin preparing appeals under the provisions of the Chanda Turner Reform Act. Channel 6 Tulsa reporting.

Johnson aquitted in Garvin County Court:

Nov 18th, 2011
Former Garvin County law enforcement officer Billy Johnson was found NOT GUILTY of the alleged Assault with a Dangerous Weapon charge filed against him by District 21 Prosecutors. No other charges are pending against Johnson and his bond has been exonerated.

Family of murdered Davis infant seek justice:
Nov 16th, 2011
The family of a Davis infant who died while in the custody of a caregiver are bewildered at the lack of activity on her case. A theme of recent times in Oklahoma, the lack of consensus among the OCME and other medical professionals are causing District Attorney Staff to be reluctant to file charges.

Contentious Garvin County Assault & Battery case begins:
Nov 16th, 2011
Another remnant of former acting Sheriff Steve Brooks' administration; the trial of Billy Johnson from Pauls Valley has begun in Garvin County District Court. Johnson, a former law enforcement officer in Garvin County is accused of stabbing James Farris in a Pauls Valley nightclub in March, 2010 following a physical altercation. Charges of Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon are being led by ADA Tara Portillo and the case will hinge heavily on the testimony of GCSO Captain Travis Crawford. Johnson maintains his innocence and is being defended by Attorney Irven Box of Oklahoma City.

Accused lawmakers bound over for trial in bribery case:
Nov 4th, 2011
Following an extended preliminary hearing, Judge Stephen Alcorn has ordered accused State Representative Randy Terrill and former State Senator Debbe Leftwich to stand trial for bribery in Oklahoma County District Court. Additionally, DA Prater's request for an additional charge of conspiracy for the two will be heard in a Dec 2nd hearing.

The Daily Oklahoma reports on PIO Ballards departure from the OCME to take position at ONG:
Nov 3rd, 2011
Long time Public Information Officer, Cherokee Ballard who later becase the administrative director of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and its Legislative Liason has left that agency to pursue a private sector position at Oklahoma Natural Gas as a communications director.

KXII Reports on new law's ability to challenge medical examiner opinions:
Nov 2nd, 2011
Senator Frank Simpson speaks out on the Turner family's plight regarding the long overlooked death of their daughter, Chanda and their progress with a new law in Oklahoma.

Chanda Turner Act appeals progress as law takes effect:
Nov 1st, 2011
The families of deceased victims Chanda Turner and Katrina Rivera-Hill filed the first of many appeals in Oklahoma County District Court per the provisions of the newly passed Chanda Turner Reform Act. 

Cherokee Ballard resigns from Office of the Chief Medical Examiner:
Nov 1st, 2011
Cherokee Ballard, longtime Public Information Officer and later Executive Director of the State Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has resigned to seek employment in the public sector according to that agency.

Chanda Turner Reform Act becomes law:
Nov 1st, 2011
Former Senate Bill 250 authored by Senator Bryce Marlatt in the 2011 Congressional session and signed into law in May by Governor Mary Fallin has now taken effect. The new law named after Garvin County shooting victim Chanda Turner will allow decisions of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner to be appealed in District Court. Numerous families in Oklahoma have immediately capitalized on these new provisions.

Preliminary Hearing underway in Congressional Bribery Case:
Oct 31st, 2011
Special Judge Stephen Alcorn began hearing evidence brought forth by Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater against State Representative Randy Terrill and former State Senator Deborah Leftwich. The two lawmakers are accused of bribery in an alleged plot involving the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. See the Daily Oklahoman portal on the entirety of the matter since last year, 

Charges reduced for one suspect in Garvin County Murder: 
Oct 27th, 2011
Garvin County authorities have reduced charges for one defendent suspected in the 2010 beating death of Chad Sims of Wynnewood. District Attorney staff amended the charges of murder against James Justin 'J.J.' Johnson to first degree manslaughter while continuing the first degree murder charges against defendent Roland Brent Hatley. 

OCME criticized yet again for policy change leading to site unseen death determination:
Oct 20th, 2011
The family of Cindy Valentine are seeking legal counsel in regard to the elderly woman's death. OCME staff made a determination on the cause and manner of Mrs. Valentine's death without benefit of an autopsy or even inspecting the reamains, citing new policy changes due to lack of resources.

Garvin County Authorities greatly reduce bond in Speerbrecher case:
Oct 20th, 2011
Garvin County District Judge Greg Dixon has agreed to a 90% reduction in Johnny Speerbrecher's bond following his September mistrial for murder. Speerbrecher can now be freed on $25,000 bond but would remain on 24 hour house arrest with an ankle monitoring bracelet. District Attorney staff have not finalized a decision on whether or not to retry Speerbrecher for the 2009 murder of his infant son, Brody.   

Oklahoma Appeals Court won't dismiss bribery charges against former Senator Leftwich:
Oct 13th, 2011
The Oklahoma Appeals Court refused former Senator Debbe Leftwich's motion to dismiss her bribery charges due to the obvious premature nature of the request. Leftwich has cited immunity from prosecution in previous briefs to the Oklahoma Supreme Court and has now seemingly exhausted all preliminary attempts to avoid prosecution. The charges against her in relation to a bribery scheme between she, Representative Randy Terrill and others are set to proceed.  

Fox News Reports on the ongoing Speerbrecher case in Garvin County:
Oct 12th 2011
Following his 22 months in jail on $500,000 bond and a mistrial in Garvin County Court, Johnny Ray Speerbrecher's family speaks out on the validity of murder charges against him. Phil Cross from KOKH reporting.

Petition Drive Begins to support Johnny Ray Speerbrecher within the 21st Judicial District
Oct 11th 2011
Family, friends and supporters of Johnny Ray Speerbrecher have begun a petition in Garvin, McClain and Cleveland Counties for the purpose of convincing the District Attorney to vacate the murder charges against him. Speerbrecher was tried in September for the March, 2009 first degree murder of his infant son. That jury was declared a mistrial after a jury hung 9 to 3 for aquittal. DA staff have since attempted to retry the case by attaching the charges to a previously accelerated narcotics charge before Judge Trisha Mishak. Mishak has since recused herself. Speerbrecher remains in the custody of the Garvin County Sheriff under $1,000,0000 bond. Those that wish to sign the petition may contact petition drive supporters at (405) 514-2175.    

Elderly Wynnewood Man Found Murdered:
Sep 30th 2011
An elderly Wynnewood resident has been found murdered in his South Long Street residence by police following a welfare check. The OSBI is currently assisting the investigation and the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is performing an autopsy.

Multi-County Grand Jury indicts Pittsburgh County Judge, Prosecutor and Drug Court Coordinator:
Sep 30th 2011
Indictments for Conspiracy have been unsealed against Special Judge William H. Layden Jr., Assistant District Attorney James Michael Miller and former drug court coordinator Angela Marcum. These individuals are accused of attempting to obstruct an investigation of alleged embezzlement within Pittsburgh County's drug court program.

Bribery Case to go forward against accused lawmakers in Oklahoma County District Court:
Sep 21st, 2011
Following the State Supreme Court's ruling against former Senator Debbie Leftwich on immunity claims, Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater is moving forward with Bribery charges against Leftwich and alleged co-conspirator Rep. Randy Terrill. Leftwich and Terrill are accused of bribery in an alleged scheme involving the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Supreme Court Denies Leftwich Immunity Claim:
Sep 20th, 2011
A last ditch effort by accused former Senator Debbie Leftwich to avoid Bribery charges due to qualified immunity in her capacity as a legislator has been denied by the Oklahoma Supreme Court. Leftwich, along with alleged co-conspirator Rep. Randy Terill are next scheduled to appear in court October 31st at a preliminary hearing.

Speerbrecher Murder Trial Ends in Mistrial:
Sep 20th, 2011
The trial of Johnny Ray Speerbrecher has ended with a hung jury and has been declared a mis-trial by Honorable Greg Dixon in Garvin County District Court. A jury deliberated for nine hours regarding the death of Speerbrachers two month old son Brody and voted 9 to 3 for aquittal but was unable to come to a unanimous decision following multiple attempts. Prosecutors have requested a new trial date. Speerbracher remains in the custody of the Garvin County Sheriff.

Special House Committee will not hold expulsion hearing for Rep. Randy Terill
September 16th, 2011
State Rep. Randy Terrill currently accused of bribery with alleged co-conspirator Debbe Leftwich will not be subject to an expulsion hearing before the State Legislature, so says a House Committee appointed to explore the matter. Criminal proceedings against Rep. Terrill remain. Read the complete files on the ongoing corruption scandal

Accused former Senator Leftwich appeals to Supreme Court, claims immunity:
September 14th, 2011
A former Senator accused of entering into a bribery scheme involving the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner's Office has appealed the matter to the State Supreme Court claiming qualified immunity from the prosecution due to specific clauses in the Oklahoma Constitution. Read the complete files on the ongoing corruption investigation

Contentious Garvin County murder trial begins in death of infant:
September 14th, 2011
The first degree murder trial of Paoli resident Johnny Ray Speerbrecher has begun before Honorable Greg Dixon. Speerbrecher is accused of the 2009 death of his infant son, Brody. The case hinges heavily on the controversial testimony of OCME pathologist Chai Choi as well as former acting Sheriff Steve Brooks. The prosecution has also entered into an arranged plea agreement with Speerbrecher's former wife, Lisa, the mother of Brody.  

OSBI Cold Case Agents Open 28 year old murder of Texas man:
September 8th, 2011
Agents from the OSBI Cold Case unit have teamed with police agencies in Denton, Texas to solve the 28 year old murder of Frank Narvaez, found dead in a Denton hotel room in 1983. Narvaez's car was later found abandoned in Oklahoma City.

Elmore City Councilman retains elected Ward 2 seat despite repeated controversy:
September 7th 2011
Long time Ward 2 Councilman Jim Tadlock, an Elmore City resident and owner of an automotive garage has successfully retained his elected seat on the Elmore City Council. EC Mayor Larry Cleveland had previously declared Tadlock's seat vacant, however the matters regarding Tadlock's eligibility for office have apparently been settled.

Volunteers begin Garvin County chapter of CRIMESTOPPERS:
August 29th, 2011
A non-profit group of volunteers has begun a local chapter of the nationwide CRIMESTOPPERS movement in Garvin County. Callers to the hotline can remain anonymous and potentially receive a reward for credible information that leads to prosecution.

Newly Appointed Chief ME claims progress:
August 11th 2011
The new Chief Medical Examiner of Oklahoma, Dr. Eric Pfeifer claims that his agency has substantially reduced the previous backlog and turnaround time on autopsies. He further estimates that his staff of pathologists would have to be increased to more than double the current staff to properly handle the expected workload.

Reward Offered in Murder Case Before Multi-County Grand Jury:
August 11th 2011
The family of a woman found murdered in her Oklahoma City home last November has posted a $50,000 dollar reward to help solve the case. No arrests have yet been made in the case of Julie Mitchell and her case has been accepted before the Multi-County Grand Jury. 

National Association of Medical Examiners re-tours OCME, gives failing grade:
June 17th 2011
Fox 25 OKC reports on a tour of the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner's Office by the National Association of Medical Examiners, the group which revoked Oklahoma's accredidation following repeated instances of sub-standard service and practice as well as malfeasance. The representatives indicated that despite progress made by newly appointed ME, Dr. Eric Pfeiffer, it will be 'nearly impossible' for the OCME to regain their former accredidation given their current status which includes insufficient staff, contamination issues, noxious fumes and too small a facility.

Federal Court Reversal on First Amendment claims in OCME case sends ripples through legal community:
June 16th
A recent Federal Appeals court decision to reverse the lower courts' dismissal of Dr. Collie Trant's First Amendment claims is sending shockwaves through what was previously a legal standoff.  In his whistleblower suit against the Oklahoma Board of Medico-Legal Investigations, Dr. Trant cited certain obvious First Amemdment issues outside of his official duties which were upheld upon appeal. Read Capital Journalist Marie Price's article on the event at the 23rd & Lincoln column on the Journal Record:

Read Federal Appellent Court Judge Jerome A. Hughes' opinon on the case 

Fired former ME has a portion of his Federal Whistleblower lawsuit reinstated:
June 16th 2011
A lawsuit filed by former Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Collie Trant has new life as a portion of the case has been reinstated by the The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver. Trant is suing the OCME Medico-legal board following the board's termination of him without a stated reason in February of 2010.
See the KWTV 9 News link
Read the Tulsa World story here:
See the KRMG Talk Radio story here:

Missing Garvin County Man's death ruled accidental by Office of the Chief Medical Examiner:
June 16th 2011
The death of Garvin County resident Bobby Jack Hammer Jr. who was found deceased in an Erin Springs pond after being missing for twenty one days has been ruled accidental by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Following an autopsy and other procedures, the OCME declared the death an 'accident with other significant conditions', citing the lack of traumatic injury and the apparent prescence of drug substances in Hammer's system.

OKC FOX 25 interviews the Turner Family following passage of their daughter's namesake law:
June 1st 2011
FOX 25 reporter Andrew Speno discusses the latest implications of the Chanda Turner Reform Act and how it will enable the Turner Family to finally zero in on justice, eleven years after their daughter's death.

The KWTV Impact Team exposes more on the crisis at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner:
May 26th 2011
KWTV OKC News 9 and Tulsa News 6 discuss the ongoing events at the OCME including interviews with the former ME, Dr. Collie Trant as well as staff whistleblowers. Dr. Trant makes a startling revelation about the Chanda Turner case mentioning that based on his findings, her death was a homicide made to look like a suicide. Joe and Donna Turner from Garvin County, parents of Chanda Turner, namesake for a recent law passed to reform the agency also appear.

The Chanda Turner Reform Act becomes law:
May 25th 2011
Governor Mary Fallin signed Senate Bill 250 into law today, formally making the Chanda Turner Reform Act Bill into the Chanda Turner Reform Law. The new law will take effect November 1st, 2011.
Follow this link to view the progress of the measure through the legislative session:  

Senate Bill 250 passes the Oklahoma Legislature:
May 18th 2011
The Chanda Turner Reform Act has passed both houses of the Oklahoma Legislature and will now be presented to Governor Mary Fallin to be signed into law.

Senate Bill 250 passed the final Senate floor confirmation vote:
May 17th 2011
The Chanda Turner Reform act passed a Senate Confirmation vote 42-0. It must now pass a similar final house vote before it can be signed into law.

Senate Bill 250 passes the House of Representatives Conference Committee unopposed:
May13th 2011
SB 250, now officially the 
CHANDA TURNER REFORM ACT has passed the House Conference vote unopposed.

Senate Bill 250 passes the Senate Conference Committee vote unopposed:
May 12th 2011
SB 250, now officially the 
CHANDA TURNER REFORM ACT has passed both houses of the legislature and is now well on it's way to being certified and sent before Governor Fallin by completing the Senate conference vote.

Senate Bill 250 passes the House of Representatives Floor vote unopposed:
April 27th 2011
The bill written by Senator Bryce Marlatt to reform the Oklahoma Office of the State Medical Examiner's Office by instituting an appeals process has passed both Houses of the Oklahoma Congress. The bill must be formally retitled and recertified in a committee as the CHANDA TURNER REFORM ACT before proceeding to the desk of Governor Mary Fallin to be potentially signed into law.

A local man is arrested and charged with murder following a fight in Wynnewood:
April 18th 2011
Police arrested 19-year-old Zachary Deitrick for the murder of his Uncle, Gregory Cook following a fight which occurred April 16th at 204 E. Indianola in Wynnewood. Deitrick was booked into the Garvin County jail on a murder complaint. The OSBI is investigating.
See the KTOK link
See the KWTV 9 link
See the Newson6 link

Judge denies dissmissal motions filed by accused congressman in OCME bribery case:
April 15th 2011
Special Judge Stephen Alcorn denied dismissal motions filed by House Rep. Randy Terrill and former Senator Deborah Leftwich regarding the pair's pending bribery case. The dismissal allows the current charges to be brought to trial. Terrill and Leftwich stand accused of bribery stemming from activity in the last legislative session where they are allegeded to have conspired to create a job for Leftwich with the State Medical Examiner's Office in exchange for her vacating her Senate Seat. See the Tulsa World for this latest story:

Ongoing feud between 21st District DA Mashburn and Judge Lucas threaten to endanger cases:
April 11th 2011
Outraged criminal defense attorneys within the 21st judicial district (Cleveland, McClain and Garvn County Oklahoma) are claiming that District Attorney Greg Mashburn's recusal motion against sitting judge Tom Lucas amounts to 'judge shopping'. Such an outcry over the recusal motion which has been leaked onto the internet is an ironic turn of events for Mashburn's office given that office's harsh criticisim of parties in recent high profile cases in the district.

Lawmakers draft resolution to push Cleveland County Judge out of office:
April 7th 2011
House members Mike Reynolds (R-Oklahoma City) and Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow) have filed House Resolution 1024, which seeks to have the Oklahoma Court on the Judiciary remove Lucas from the bench because of gross partiality in office.

Police Chief scrutinized by the Garvin County Grand Jury in Tom Horton death wins re-election:
April 5th 2011
Ken Moore, the City Marshal of Wynnewood in charge of the flawed 2008 investigation into the shooting death of Tom Horton convincingly won re-election against two opponents, including a member of The Eleventh Commandment. Similar to the Grand Jury investigation, Moore downplayed his role in the case and denied intentionally destroying evidence in that matter.

Sitting 21st District Judge denies a recusal motion filed against him by DA Mashburn:
March 31st 2011
Cleveland County District Judge Tom Lucas has quickly denied a motion for recusal filed against him by District Attorney Greg Mashburn. The motion cites prejudice against prosecutor staff among other issues. Mashburn's office indicates that they will appeal the matter before a different judge.
Watch the KWTV News 9 story HERE:
Read the leaked recusal motion HERE:

The OCME Medico-legal board and the families of lost loved ones finally agree on a new Chief ME:
Mar 29th 2011
KOKH 25 interviews members of as they voice their support of new Chief ME Dr. Eric Pfeiffer in the wake of the latest vote on the Chanda Turner Reform Act. Follow this link:

Dr. Eric Pfeifer named as new Chief Medical Examiner:
Mar 28th 2011
A former medical examiner from the famed Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota was named as the new Oklahoma Chief Medical Examiner, pending his licensure in Oklahoma.
See the KOKH 25 link

Reprimanded State Reprentatives critisize House leadership:
Mar 17th 2011
State Reps Randy Terrill and Mike Reynolds claim their party is intentionally attempting to intimidate them following their public reprimand.

Hearing scheduled for motions filed in Terrill/Leftwich Bribery case:
Mar 16th 2011
Special Judge Stephen Alcorn has scheduled a hearing on April 15th to hear motions filed by Bribery Defendents, Rep. Randy Terrill and former Senator Deborah Leftwich relating to the suppression of evidence. Both defendants have yet to appear in a preliminary hearing.

Chanda Turner Reform Bill (SB 250) passes Senate Vote unanumously:
Mar 15th 2011
Senator Bryce Marlatt's Senate Bill 250, entitled the Chanda Turner Reform Act has passed through the Oklahoma Senate and is now enroute to the House of Representatives.

House Rep. Randy Terrill publicly reprimanded over profanity:
March 14th 2011
Embattled Representative Randy Terrill, currently charged with bribery in connection to his failed bill to reorganize the Medical Examiner's Office last session was reprimanded by the house following for his use of profane comments toward the aide of another House member. KOCO OKC Channel 5 reports:

OCME Medico-legal board postpones appointment of new Chief Medical Examiner:
Mar 10th 2011
The board which oversees the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has postponed the appointment of a replacement Chief Medical Examiner for the fired Dr. Collie Trant until at least March 28th. This delay is due to the pending outcome of ongoing background checks and scrutiny by lawmakers including Governor Mary Fallin and ongoing legislation. The Daily Oklahoman reports:

Family members encouraging reform of the OCME meet with lawmakers:
Mar 10th 2011
The family of Chanda Turner, namesake for the Chanda Turner Reform Act (Current Senate Bill 250) meet with lawmakers to enourage the inclusion of language implementing an appeals process to correct improper decisions of OCME pathologists. KOKH Fox 25 reports:

Charges dropped against former chief investigator of Medical Examiner's Office:
Mar 10th 2011
Rape charges filed by the Attorney General following a Multi-County Grand Jury are dropped after two years. Previous sexual assault charges were previously dropped exonerating the former chief investigator. Fox 25 reports:

Governor Mary Fallin meets with the OCME Medico-legal board; 'expects improvements:
Mar 10th 2011
Newly elected Governor Mary Fallin attended a meeting of the Medico-legal board overseeing the State Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and voiced her expectation for future improvements of the board itself and the agency overall. KWTV 9 news reports:

A Daily Oklahoman story asks the question, how corrupt is Oklahoma Government?:
Mar 7th 2010
Randy Ellis from the Daily Oklahoman compares recent charges against a number of Oklahoma lawmakers with the averages from other states.

State Lawmakers critisize the rules of a panel set up by Speaker Steele to investigate Re. Terrill:
Mar 6th 2011
The evidence gathering activites of an investigative panel formed following the bribery charges against a House member and a former Senator come under fire from legislators for being closed to the public:

KWTV News breaks the story about the explicit e-mails sent by a DHS worker who investigated the OCME:
Mar 3rd 2011
Oklahoma City KWTV 9 News profiles new information about DHS worker Jill Kenney who was hired to investigate alleged criminal behavior at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Read the collected e-mails in redacted form here: [XI NOTE: Due to explicit sexual content, not reccomended for children]

A DHS worker hired as an investigator into alleged wrongdoing at the OCME is fired for misconduct:
Mar 2nd 2011
Jill Kinney, whose investigation into the Chief Medical Examiner's office was at the center of recent events has been terminated by the Department of Human Services for numerous instances of inappropriate behavior:

News Media locked out of a House of Representatives meeting to regarding the Terrill Investigation:
Mar 2nd 2011
A meeting among House of Representatives leaders to discuss the alleged wrong doing of Representative Randy Terill was initially announced as open to the public but when KOKH staff arrived, the meeting was closed. Follow this link to view the outrage expressed by law makers:

The Chanda Turner Act passes a third unanimous vote before a Senate Sub-committee:
Mar 2nd 2011
Senate Bill 250, entitled the Chanda Turner Reform Act and authored by Senator Bryce Marlatt, R-Woodward has passed its third hurdle on the way to becoming law. Visit and to find contact information for your Senators and Representatives to voice your support of this bill. Follow this link for more information on this proposed law:

21st District Attorney Greg Mashburn outraged over the reduction of a convicted murderer's sentence:
Feb 25th 2011
The District Attorney for Garvin, McClain and Cleveland Counties expresses his opinion on the conduct of newly re-elected Judge Tom Lucas regarding the Jonathan Trask case.
See the KOKH 25 story
See the KWTV 9 news link

Garvin County Executive Sentenced to Federal Prison Time in Fraud Case:
Feb 23rd 2011
The Garvin County News Star reports on the 'Check Kiting' charges successfully brought against a local oil company executive and his sentencing to substantial Federal prison time. Follow this link:

The Medical Examiner finally rules on a Mannford Woman's death but classifies it as unknown:
Feb 14th 2011
Kirk McCracken of the Mannford Eagle reports on the lingering questions regarding Rebecca Doty's cause and manner of death including her traumatic head injury death classified as unknown. Follow this link:

House Speaker Steele forms committee to address charges against Rep. Terill:
Feb 14th 2011
KOCO and KFOR News report the formation of an investigative panel within the Oklahoma Legislature to formally address the bribery charges against Representative Randy Terill which stemmed from his actions regarding the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner: 
See the KFOR link HERE:

The Woodward News reports on the introduction of SB 250, the Chanda Turner Reform Act:
Feb 13th 2011
Rowynn Ricks of the Woodward News reports on the introduction of new bills for the Spring legislative session including the bill by Senator Bryce Marlatt, R-Woodward which would reform the OCME. Follow this link:

KOKH Fox 25 spotlights the OCME's latest search for a permanent director:
Feb 11th 2011
Justice for the Dead Attorney Jay Mendros discusses her latest concerns regarding the OCME Medico-Legal board's search for a permanent director as the pending Chanda Turner Reform Act progresses through the legislature.

NPR begins a multi-part series on death investigation in America with the Chanda Turner Case:
Feb 1st 2011
Sandra Bartlett from National Public Radio begins a series of articles involving post mortem investigations. Read the horrific story of Chanda Turner's long overdue autopsy and the incomplete and inaccurate results which followed including the Turner Family's ten year fight for justice.

Read the NPR archive on the rest of the developing story entitled POST MORTEM: Death investigation in America, here:

The PBS series, 'FRONTLINE' begins their serial story on the nationwide epidemic in coroner's offices:
Jan 30th 2011
Frontline and the New Orleans Times-Picayune report on their long term investigation into troubles with the Orleans Parish Coroner's Office with national implications regarding dysfunctional death investigations.

Accused former Senator Leftwich files motions to have her bribery charges dropped:
Jan 27th 2011
A former senator charged with bribery in the OCME scandal claims to have had 'absolute immunity' during the time period in question.

The Pauls Valley Daily Democrat welcomes new staff to the Garvin County DA's Office:
Jan 24th 2011
Read Barry Porterfield's optimistic piece about the arrival of two very capable Assistant District Attorneys to the Garvin County Office of 21st District as well as the reassignment of former Garvin County ADA George Burnett to McClain County. Welcome Mark L. Gibson and Tara Portillo.

A two part report on the impending fiscal crisis in Oklahoma State Justice:
Jan 15th 2011
Reporter Joy Hampton from the Claremore Daily Progress writes about the impending 2012 Fiscal Year Crisis which stands to severely impact matters of justice all across the state. Reprinted in the Pauls Valley Daily Democrat:
See Part II

The Daily Oklahoman publishes details of Terrill and Leftwich's surrender to OKC County Jail authorities:
Jan 14th 2011
Rep Terrill and former Senator Leftwich were processed just like anyone else, so say authorities at the Oklahoma County Jail.

Newly elected congressmen vow to root out corruption:
Jan 5th 2011
The newly House Speaker is asked to form a panel to look into criminal allegations against Representative Randy Terrill.

Rep. Terrill and former Senator Leftwich to surrender to police over bribery charges:
Jan 2nd-5th 2011
State Representative Randy Terrill and former State Senator Deborah Leftwich turn themselves in to authorities and make their initial appearance in court to answer for bribery charges. The charges stem from their alleged scheme involving a transition coordinator position at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner. Follow the ongoing news links:
KOCO Channel 5
FOX 25
Daily Oklahoman
HERE: Oklahoma News Archive on the matter


2010 NEWS
Search below for news stories from 2010:
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KOKH reports on the potential Terrill/Leftwich witness list in preparation for trial:
Dec 28th 2010
KOKH OKC Channel 25 news discusses the impending preparations regarding the possible trials of Congressmen Terrell and Leftwich over bribery charges. Nick Winkler reports.
Rep. Terrill and former Senator Leftwich charged with bribery over ME scandal:
Dec 22nd-24th 2010
District Attorney David Prater has charged OK Representative Randy Terrill and former OK Senator Debbe Leftwich with bribery following an investigation begun in May 2010. Terrill pandered to the families of lost loved ones during the last week of the spring legislative session (exploiting their cause following a Justice for the Dead rally on the capital steps) and attempted to legislatively create and fund a job at the state medical examiners office by diverting funds from other state agencies. Follow the links:
Daily Oklahoman
Tulsa World
Norman Transcript
Fox 25

Follow this LINK to read the District Attorney's report on the matter:

Accused Congressman Randy Terrill fires back responses to his impending charges: 
Daily Oklahoman:
Tulsa World HERE:

The Norman Transcript reports on the OCME's reversal in a suicide case:
Dec 21st 2010
OCME Pathologist Chai Choi's re-evaluation of a Noble girl's 2009 suicide case paves the way for the OSBI to gather more information to present to District Attorney Greg Mashburn for potential charges; something long hoped for by the families of a number of victims within the 21st Judicial District.

A different case in the same judicial district is classified a suicide by the OCME despite family members protest:
KWTV 9 News on the matter

Justice For the Dead's own Jaye Mendros sounds off via her blog concerning the latest round at the OCME:
Dec 21st 2010
JFTD attorney Jaye Mendros compares the ongoing saga at the Medical Examiner's Office to the Dickens classic.

KOKH 25 reports on the stunning changes in a previous suicide case by the OCME:
Dec 20th 2010
Jaye Mendros from appears in a story profiling a recent change in a juvenile death case from 'suicide' to 'unknown.' This cause of death change now enables the OSBI to reopen the investigation and to seek more evidence, a scenario which has eluded dozens of families recently all across Oklahoma.

The Daily Oklahoman again covers the monotonous malfeasance at the OCME
Dec 19th 2010
The Daily Oklahoman refers to the Medico-legal board's latest mishandling of the OCME Chief's position as being much like the Bill Murray movie, Ground Hog Day with their repeated failures which seem to defy logic. Follow this link.

The FOI Oklahoma Organization mentions the lastest OCME breakdown in their blog:
Dec 16th 2010
FOI Oklahoma Inc, a non-profit organization which works to promote openness in government dicusses Dr. Sibly's refusal to follow current Oklahoma law. For more on their organization, go to

Also see these previous FOI blogs regarding the ongoing mess at the OCME HERE and HERE:

KWTV 9 News reports on the Interim Oklahoma Chief Medical Examiner refusing to obey the law:
Dec 16th 2010
Acting Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Sibly has stated he will no longer release partial reports from the OCME despite the legal requirement to do so, going so far as to say he will be jailed if neccessary. Follow this link:

WRNI Rhode Island's National Public Radio channel discloses the latest on Dr. William Cox:
Dec 16th 2010
NPR mentions the fact that Rhode Island Authorities are now concerned with their Chief Medical Examiner after his criminal record in Ohio was uncovered by Oklahoma Media outlets during his consideration for the top job in Oklahoma. 

KOKH 25 discusses the OCME Medico-Legal board's decisions regarding Dr. William Cox:
Dec 16th 2010
OKC Fox 25 digs deeply into this latest issue of incompetence regarding the OCME while attorney Jaye Mendros drives home the point of his unsuitability. The medico-legal board postponed a decision on this latest Chief candidate and his own state put him on administrative leave following the debacle.
Follow up links

KFOR Reports on Dr. William Cox's criminal background:
Dec 16th 2010
OKC News Channel 4 reports on the latest questionable decision of the OCME Medico-Legal board regarding Dr. William Cox and their two previous years of repeated administrative failures.

Daily Oklahoman report on the Medico-legal board's decision to seriously consider Dr. Cox as Chief ME:
Dec 16th 2010
The Daily Oklahoman reports that the OCME Medico-legal board is seriously considereing the hiring of a Rhode Island medical examiner with an extensive criminal past. Follow the link here:

A pathologist who pled guilty to criminal ethics violations is still the frontrunner for the OCME:
Dec 16th 2010
KWTV 9 News reports on the Office of Chief Medical Examiner's medico-legal board continuing to explore the suitability of Dr. William Cox to be the next Chief Medical Examiner despite his troubled past in Ohio, including numerous criminal ethics violations.

KWTV News 9 reports on yet another problem candidate for the position of Chief Medical Examiner:
Dec 9th 2010
News 9 reports on the nine admitted ethics violations in the background of OCME Chief candidate Dr. William Cox when he was a county coroner in Ohio.

OCME Pathologists characterize the death of an OCPD suspect in custody as homicide:
Dec 6th 2010
KWTV 9 news reports on the latest inconsistent findings of the Medical Examiner's office. This time, ME pathologists list the cause and manner of death of an Oklahoma City Police Department prisoner's death in custody as a homicide much to the dismay of the officers, the department and the District Attorney. Follow this link to the latest on the issue:

KOCO Channel 5 broadcasts a re-run story on the OSBI factors determining tipster rewards:

Nov 28th 2010
An Associated Press story first run in the Tulsa World reports on the OSBI's policy on tip rewards.

KWTV 9 reports on Congressional examination of Oklahoma Agencies and Gov. Henry's Consolidations:
Nov 24th 2010
Amy Lester of the News 9 Impact Team reports on Rep. Dank's examination of and call for justification for all 200 State Agencies regarding their mission and funding. Also mentioned is Gov. Henry's FY2011 Executive Budget and his proposed consolidations. Among them is the proposal once again to merge the OCME Medicolegal board with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, something that The Eleventh Commandment and are staunchly opposed to.
Read the PDF file on the FY2011 Budget here:
Read the PDF file on Governor Henry's proposed consolidations here:
Read a recap of attorney Jaye Mendros' Oct 18th blog regarding the proposed merger here:

Dr. Sibley declines the offer of the OCME medico-legal board to be permanent Chief Medical Examiner:
Nov 19th 2010
Dr. Andrew Sibley, current interim director of the OCME declines the permanent offer of being chief after being passed over the position twice previously. Follow the links:
Additional links:
Fox 25
KWTV news 9

Families of 18 death victims converge on the State Capitol to press for the Chanda Turner Reform Bill:
Nov 16th 2010
Members of The Eleventh Commandment alongside every family represented on came to Oklahoma City to welcome the newly elected congressmen to the capitol with a rally on the capitol steps demanding justice for the dead and reform of the medical examiner's office. Follow these links:
KFOR News 4
Daily Oklahoman
KWTV News 9
Guymon Daily Herald

The KWTV 9 Oklahoma Impact team revisits the OSBI case clearance rate for homicides:
Nov 16th 2010
Current OSBI board members as well as former OSBI cold case investigator, Kyle Eastridge discuss the OSBI's apparent manipulation of their own statistics in the calculation of homicide clearance rates. Follow the links to these stories as well as the Eastridge P.I. website at
News 9 Follow Up Here:

The Garvin County News Star reports on Larry Rhodes' election win:
Nov 10th 2010
The News Star reports on Rhodes' election victory and public swearing-in ceremony.

The Pauls Valley Daily Democrat covers Sheriff Larry Rhodes' public swearing in ceremony:
Nov 9th 2010
Outgoing Judge Candace Blalock's last act in office was the swearing in of New Sheriff Larry Rhodes.

The Tulsa World editorializes on the latest failures of the Medical Examiner's Office:
Nov 8th 2010
The Tulsa World Editorial Page speaks about the latest round of bizarre administrative decisions at the Office of Chief Medical Examiner, this time the decision to keep embattled Dr. Sibley as director.

Justice for the dead attorney Jaye Mendros gives an in depth treatise on the OCME problems in her blog:
Nov 7th 2010
Jaye Mendros, the attorney who has led the fight against the OCME since the Chanda Turner exhumation in December of 2009 explains in detail the legal quagmire and the needed changes that affect all Oklahomans.

The Pauls Valley Daily Democrat reports on the seamless transition to Sheriff Rhode's administration:
Nov 6th 2010
Reporter Barry Porterfield writes about Larry Rhode's rapid succesion into the Sheriff's office.

KWTV 9 News reports on Sheriff Elect Larry Rhode's vow to objectively look at Garvin County death cases:
Nov 4th 2010
Gan Mathews from KWTV 9 reports on newly elected Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhode's promise to look into the pertinent casework and objectively investigate the deaths of Chanda Turner, Sheila Deviney and Tom Horton.

GC News Star reports on Larry Rhodes taking office following his election win:
Nov 4th 2010
Sheriff Elect Rhodes is scheduled to take office following the certification of the vote count. Follow this link to the GCNS story.

PV Democrat story regarding the aftermath of the contentious Garvin County Sheriff Election:
Nov 4th 2010
Reporter Barry Porterfield writes about the transition from Brook's appointed administration to Rhodes' elected one.

KOKH 25 reports on the OCME's decision to appoint Dr. Sibley as director amidst fallout:
Nov 4th 2010
Andrew Speno reports the fallback decision to appoint interim director, Dr. Andrew Sibley to the post once slated to Dr. Keen. Jaye Mendros from adds her opinion.

KWTV News 9 reports on the OCME's decision to withdraw their offer to interim director Keen:
Nov 4th 2010
News 9 reports on the Medical Examiner's office administrative decision to revoke their hiring decision regarding Dr. Keen, an Arizona pathologist

Oklahoma Watchdog reports on several stunning defeats on Election Night including Garvin County Sheriff:
Nov 3rd 2010
Andrew Griffin revisits the successful platform of Larry Rhodes over Acting Sheriff Steve Brooks.

The Pauls Valley Democrat reports on Larry Rhodes' defeat of Acting Sheriff Brooks:
Nov 3rd 2010
The most hotly contested Garvin County sheriff's race of recent memory concluded with an underdog win by Paoli resident Larry Rhodes. Follow this link to the story.

Larry Rhodes defeats Acting Sheriff Steve Brooks in Garvin County Sheriff's Election:
Nov 2nd
Following a contentious race and heated campaigning, Garvin County voters convincingly elect Larry Rhodes as their new Sheriff. Statute requires that he take office immediately rather than in January.

The Garvin County News Star reports a huge turnout and a dwindling lead in the Sheriff's race:
Nov 1st 2010
Editor Jeff Schulz reports on the increased overall voter turnout and changing results of his straw poll regarding the LBD issue and the Sheriff's race. Also mentioned is the apparent concercen regarding the security of early absentee votes. Follow up link HERE:

The Norman Transcript reports on the retirement of District Judge Candace Blalock:
Nov 1st 2010
District 21 Judge Candace Blalock who presided over several of the matters involving the Garvin County 3, retires from the bench after 16 years.

Jaye Mendros of discusses the latest efforts within the State of OK:
Oct 31st 2010
Turner family attorney and administrator of, Jaye Mendros blogs about the dangers inherent to a 'triumvirate of power' made up of the OCME, OSBI and OBN under the same umbrella without much needed reforms.

Oklahoma Watchdog Investigative Journalist Andrew Griffin reports on Garvin County politics:
Oct 26th 2010
With one week left prior to the Nov 2nd election, Andrew Griffin reports on the findings and concerns of Sheriff Candidate Larry Rhodes, his campaign staffers and activists from the Eleventh Commandment as they run into intereference concerning Acting Sheriff Steve Brooks' background.

KFOR OKC Channel 4 also reports on the theft of narcotics at the OCME:
Oct 26th 2010
Meg Alexander weighs in on the latest scandal to rock the medical examiner's office. In the interview, Dr. Kathy Young, (mother of Christopher Young who died in 2009 and whose case was bungled by the OCME) explains the implications in the slipshod conduct of recent months in relation to her son's death and dozens of other death cases. For more information on Christopher Young and a host of other recent cases, visit

The Daily Oklahoman reports on the Narcotics Theft at the OCME:
Oct 26th 2010
Newsok reports on Michael Griffin's burglary of the OCME Headquarters.

KOKH Fox 25 OKC reports on the OCME Narcotics Theft issue:
Oct 26th 2010
Fox 25 reports on the theft of narcotics at the OCME by a former employee. members express their outrage.

KWTV 9 News in OKC reports on the latest flap at the State Medical Examiner's Office:
Oct 26th  2010
News 9 reports the theft of narcotics from casework at the OCME by a former employee with possesion of an old key card. activists express their subsequent outrage that unchecked drug abuse may be rampant and another determining factor in the ongoing series of scandals at that agency.

The embattled OCME once again reports the wrongdoing of an employee:
Oct 25th 2010
KOCO reports that the Office of Chief Medical Examiner has filed a complaint against a former employee over improper conduct including the theft of drugs. Follow up link HERE:

The Garvin County Commisioner's 2009 Appointment Decision is discussed by the Garvin County News Star:
Oct 20th 2010
The appointment to acting Sheriff of then undersheriff Steve Brooks by the Garvin County Commissioners in 2009 is discussed by Jeff Schultz of the Garvin County News Star.

Jaye Mendros from Justice for the dead discusses the dangers of the OCME/OSBI merger:
Oct 18th 2010
Jaye Mendros, a veteran of the ongoing OCME scandals discusses the inate dangers of a monopoly between law enforcement and forensic pathology.
Justice For The Dead Attorney Jaye Mendros discusses the failures of the ME's office in her blog:
Oct 17th 2010
Jaye Mendros, founder of the website and counsel to Chanda Turner's family sounds off about the repeated failures of an agency in crisis.

The Daily Oklahoman reports on the latest failures of the Oklahoma Chief Medical Examiner's Office:
Oct 12th 2010
Watch Ed Kelley's excellent multi-media article on the continuing debacle within the OCME.

The Daily Oklahoman reports the controversy surrounding the latest choice for Chief Medical Examiner:
Oct 10th 2010
Dr. Larry Keen, the tentative choice by the medico-legal board to head the beleagured office of Chief Medical Examiner apparently has a less than stellar record regarding appropriate judgement as an ongoing OSBI background check seems to indicate. Follow these links for the latest:
Additonal links: Fox 25 HERE: KGUN Affiliate Tucson Arizona HERE:
KOKH 25 reports the ME's office setting of a deadline for the destruction of Sheila Deviney's tissue samples:
Oct 4th 2010
Despite the Deviney family paying for two years of storage fees, the Medical Examiner's Office has notified the family that they will destroy or return Sheila Deviney's tissue samples on 9/20/2012. Watch the story here:

The Eleventh Commandment and their efforts in Wynnewood mentioned by KOKH 25:
Sep 23rd 2010
KOKH's Phil Cross interviews XI members regarding unchecked drug activity amid a recent murder in Wynnewood.

KOKH 25 airs the OSBI's answer to the ME tissue storage flap:
Sep 20th 2010
KOKH 25's Nick Winkler examines the OSBI's contention that the incineration of Sheila Deviney's remains would not affect their ability to solve her murder.

Medical Examiner's Storage Policies Profiled in the Daily Oklahoman:
Sep 19th 2010
Excellent Sonya Colberg article in the Daily Oklahoman proves that the latest ME flap is a system wide failure affecting numerous other families.

KWTV 9 News revisits the ME tissue storage issue:
Sep 15th 2010
News 9 Anchor Ed Murray and Camerawoman Courtney Hulsey interview Eleventh Commandment members as they mail off their fee for tissue storage to the medical examiner's office and continue to blanket Garvin County with Sheila Deviney reward posters.

KOKH 25 follow-up story on the issue of the ME's Office charging for storage of Sheila Deviney's remains:
Sep 14th 2010
The Oklahoma Office of Chief Medical Examiner is again scrutinized by attorneys appalled at the practice of charging storage fees for cases which are supposed to be open. Oklahoma City Fox 25's Nick Winkler confirms that two neighboring states, Kansas and Texas neither charge fees of any kind or support the practice. Follow this link:

KOKH 25 News report on Sheila Deviney's remains at the Medical Examiner's Office:
Sep 13th 2010
Investigative Reporter Nick Winkler and camerman Billy Dry expose the Deviney family's struggle to preserve Sheila's remains at the Medical Examiner's Office.

The reward for the Sheila Deviney case is spotlighted by KXII Channel 12:
Sep 8th 2010
Ardmore reporter Dara Downs covers the latest on the Deviney family reward offerring.

The Eleventh Commandment profiled on KOKH Fox 25 News in Oklahoma City:
Sep 6th 2010
KOKH Reporter Nick Winkler follows the continuing struggle of the Eleventh Commandment in the search for Sheila Deviney's killers as the organization members up the ante with a $50,000 reward and posters all over Garvin County.

The Eleventh Commandment profiled by KWTV News 9 in Oklahoma City:
Sep 6th 2010
KWTV News Reporter Ed Murray interviews 11th Commandment members and supporters in Maysville, Oklahoma as they prepare to paper Garvin County with Sheila Deviney reward posters. Also replayed on CBS affiliate Channel 6 in Tulsa. Follow this link:

Sheriff Candidate Larry Rhodes announces his intentions regarding unsolved Garvin County homicides:
Sep 1st 2010
Former Oklahoma City Police Department Watch Commander Larry Rhodes gave an interview to Pauls Valley Daily Democrat reporter Barry porterfield regarding his campaign for Sheriff, his opinions on the deaths of Chanda Turner, Sheila Deviney and Tom Horton as well as his desire to get to the root of the problems in Garvin County. Follow this link to the story:

A $50,000 reward is offered by the Deviney Family in the Sheila Deviney Murder case:
Aug 23rd 2010
Due to the original $5,000 dollar OSBI reward not being renewed (due to it not being re-nominated by the Garvin County Sheriff's Office under former acting Sheriff Steve Brooks) concerned citizens have expressed their outrage. A group of business owners who support the efforts of the Eleventh Commandment have combined their resources to allow the Deviney family to offer a $50,000 reward. The reward is offered by the Devineys for evidence leading to the arrest and conviction of the persons responsible for the death of Sheila Deviney, those that acted as accomplices to the killers and those who conspired to conceal the crime after the fact. See Sheila Deviney website for additional information on the case: 

Garvin County, Oklahoma Murder Victim Sheila Deviney featured in the Daily Oklahoman and Tulsa World:
July 26th 2010
Following a six month investigation into the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, The Daily Oklahoman and Tulsa World report on the findings of former cold case detective Kyle Eastridge. In several media accounts, Detective Eastridge critisized the inner workings of that agency and their improper reporting of homicide clearance rates. Tulsa World link HERE:

The Eleventh Commandment featured on KOKH TV 25 Fox Affiliate in Oklahoma City:
July 25th 2010
In light of continued harrassment of Eleventh commandment activists by local law enforcement, KOKH FOX Oklahoma City Channel 25 reporter Nick Winkler and cameraman Billy Dry capture the essence of what the organization is all about.

The Daily Oklahoman reports on further discrepancies in the background of Rep. Terrill:
June 20th 2010
Rep. Terrell who became under investigation by DA Prater in a corruption probe following his attempts to capitalize on the Chanda Turner Reform Bill meausure has apparently been able to recieve a home loan while embroiled in a bankruptcy.

News 9 story relecting President Pro Tempore Glenn Coffee press conference surrounding corruption probe:
June 15th 2010
Senator Glen Coffee holds a press conference to break his silence regarding the corruption probe involving Terill, Leftwich and Christian concerning the Medical Examiner's Office.

The Daily Oklahoma reports that whistleblowers to the OCME scandal implicated Rep. Terrill:
June 12th 2010
Whistleblower Cherokee Ballard of the OCME is reported to implicate Rep. Randy Terrill in a plot to circumvent the statuatory requirements for state employment involving the medical examiner's office.

News 9 confirms identities of whistle blowers concerning the congressional corruption probe:
June 12th 2010
DA David Prater confirms that OCME spokesperson Ballard and former Chief Administrative Officer Jordan were the whistleblowers in the case against congressmen Terrill, Leftwich and Christian.

News 9 reports on the timing of the events involving the corruption probe:
June 9th 2010
Further speculation into the time line surrounding the corruption probe is reported by Adrianna Iwasinski.

The Daily Oklahoman Reports on Rep. Terrell's denials of involvement in the OCME corruption probe:
June 8th 2010
Rep. Randy Terrill, who courted the Chanda Turner Reform Bill measure for apparently less than forthright ends and was subsequently embroiled in an alleged plot involving two other corrupt lawmakers discusses the matter.

KWTV News 9 reports a second point of view on the Legislator Corruption probe:
June 7th 2010
KWTV 9 news reports Rep. Terrill denying the allegations of corruption against him regarding his involvement in a plot involving the Office of Chief Medical Examiner.

KWTV 9 reports on the corruption allegations against three Oklahoma legislators surrounding the ME issue:
June 6th 2010
Latest information on the corruption allegations against Congressmen Leftwich, Christian and Terrill.

Tulsa World reports on the launch of a political corruption scandal involving three legislators:
June 5th 2010
Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater has confirmed a corruption probe involving congressmen Terrill, Christian and Leftwich involving the medical examiner's office.

News 9 reports on the launch of a political corruption probe involving three congressmen and the OCME:
June 5th 2010
Following the end of the congressional session, DA Prater opens an investigation alledging three congressmen engaged in a conspiracy regarding the OCME.

Families of Five Murder Victims meet together at a Rally on the Steps of the Oklahoma State Capital:
May 27th 2010
Family members, friends and supporters of five seperate murder victims, including three cases from Garvin County come together for a show of solidarity and silent protest during the last week of the Oklahoma congressional session.

M.E.'s Office Pathologist's Qualifications Called into Question:
April 29th 2010
OCME Pathologist Dr. Chai Choi's qualifications as well as her work product are called into question following a firestorm of scandal at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner: