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"...I do not know what is being done in the death of Glen Brownlee of Wynnewood, but I am livid that ********** has not been looked at as a possible suspect..." KT: Pauls Valley

"...Can you tell me, if any of you kniow what the status is of the the man who was murdered in Wynnewood. It occurred last Septemberand I do not know if anyone has been charged..." GF: Pauls Valley

You are most likely referring to Wynnewood resident, Mr. Glen Brownlee. Brownlee's body was discovered by Wynnewood PD on September 29th, 2011 at his Long Street home. He had been beaten to death. Since then, local police as well as Garvin County Sheriff's Deputies along with agents of the OSBI have been working feverishly to solve the crime, although as of this writing, no one has yet been charged. Based on our insight into the matter, we are confident that it will be solved in good order. Mr. Brownlee was a well liked man in his town and his friends and neighbors are eager for justice in the matter. See below for a poem written about Glen by a family friend and recently shared with us. Thou shalt not get away with it...--XI

Glenn Woods Brownlee
1-6-1927  9-29-2011

Never knew him in his youth
by the time I had the privilage
He was pretty long in the tooth
He had lots of stories
that seemed to go nowhere
but now that I think about it
they all did lead somewhere
we just all need to care

He was the favorite uncle
amongst the family youth
A shopping trip with him
was a treat for your sweet tooth
But that was just one side
He was also one hell of a hand
At fixing and mending all
the tools the farm demands.

A life cut short near it's end
A tragedy and a sin
And act of cowdice
and a play that no one wins
We'll alway rememember your love
Rest in Peace my friend.

The struggle to understand why
will haunt me to my dieing day
The effort to carry on
will daunt me in every way
The loss of you
Is something that will always stay
I can only hope that with time
It will slowly fade away


"...I'll be ******* before I let that scheister get my vote. He couldn't handle the states business, what makes him think he can handle the countys?... NRVK: Noble

"...I appreciate the information. If cue ball makes any of the debates, I'll be glad to mention your group and show him my blue bracelet. He won't get my vote..." DBR: Norman

"...So glad that you are here for the families that need your help to be a voice. Chanda was a very close friend of mine, the pictures made me cry and I asked myself, \"Is the Medical Examiner blind?\" My heart goes out to her family for all they have had to go through. Thank you for helping make a wrong right. Chanda was a fighter, she was as long as I\'ve known her. I commend her parents for never stopping her fight. She will get justice someday!..." MC: Deltona

"...every time the news brings this up, that gang at *********** starts to sweat bullets. Want to make ******** look even more pale, bring up the name Chanda Turner..." IYOP: Norman
"...and I say yay for Chanda. They've gotten away with this one for long enough..." BB/AB: Pauls Valley

...we saw the latest on Channel 5 this morning and caught channel 9 at dinner. Confusion over why Collie Trant (? spelling) did not amendment the awutopsy previously and who did the original?..." ERHA: Pauls Valley

Dr. Collie Trant himself, former Chief Medical Examiner of Oklahoma performed an exhumation autopsy on Chanda Turner's remains per a court order by a Garvin County judge in December of 2009. [No autopsy had previously been performed on Chanda when she died by a gunshot in July, 2000.] Present also, as per the same court order was Dr. Robert Bux, a Colorado pathologist hired by the Turner family. Bux viewed all prodecures and findings and concurred with Dr. Trant that Chanda's death was quite obviously a "homicide made to look like a suicide." Dr. Trant was unable to amend the permanent record to reflect this new finding due to his termination by the OCME soon thereafter.--XI

"...I know the 'name' of the new law but what is the actual statuatory number or what have you? How do I find it?..." OPA: Oklahoma City

2011 Senate Bill 250 as amended and titled as the 'Chanda Turner Reform Act' makes changes to OS Title 63 Sections 942 and 942A. Given that it is a brand new law, it may be some weeks before it is published online in all the on demand court records systems etc but it should be soon.--XI

"...Keep fighting the good fight, ladies and gentlemen..." DD: Wynnewood 

"...I pray that the Deviney family finds peace and a just end to their suffering, soon. I don't recall the date of Sheila's death but thinking it was cold and at this time of year..." EL: Maysville

Sheila Deviney was murdered in her front room on January 6th, 2004, eight years ago this month.--XI

"...I have not heard much about the Chanda Act since it took effect. Are there any updates?. ******** and ********* don't seem to be less nervous, I'm happy to report..." ATG: Pauls Valley

At last count, nearly 20 other families had filed appeals under the provisions of the Chanda Turner Reform Act besides the Turner Family on behalf of Chanda. Several dozen more statewide were in the process of preparing afidavits as well. The appeals are to be heard in Oklahoma County District Court and will commence as soon as their already crowded docket schedule will allow. The wheels of justice move slowly but they do turn.--XI

"...I don't understand why in blazes the DA made a deal between two murderers. (Haley and Johnson)Lasiness. Stupid. A great part of the problem in GC is that the elected DA is in CC far away from the sticks out here. Out of touch.." PRVET: Pauls Valley

Any issues with an elected official such as our District Attorney, Mr. Mashburn, can potentially be rectified at the next general election. Meanwhile, given the nature of the Sims case as known to the public and especially the particulars involving the two co-defendents, Roland Brent Hatley and J.J. Johnson, securing a twenty year conviction (17 years to be served per statute minimum) with the stroke of a pen and gaining leverage over another defendent is certainly expeditious and efficient to say the least. Despite anyone's misgivings, trials cost money, the 21st District is in a recent slump on batting average and therefore plea bargaining is always going to be a reality.--XI

"...This proves my point exactly. The police can solve a murder when they so desire to, especially when they don't have ******************* and *********** all up in their crime scene making deals at the gate..." DU: Pauls Valley

"...Are they actually going to retry the Speerbrecher boy from Paoli again on murdering that baby after all that happened with **********?..."

Yes. Next hearing on the matter is January 8th.--XI

[multiple entries] "...ya'll heard yet that Steve Brooks is now at Lindsay PD? Staying in practice, I guess. Do you think he'll re-run for his old office next time around..." BN/PN: Lindsay

"...Is Brooks actually a Lindsay officer now..." KRT: Maysville

XI has received numerous e-mails and other reports concerning this issue, several claiming to be eye witnesses to him performing police work in Lindsay. In an in-person conversation with Mr. Brooks himself some weeks ago, he indicated to one XI member that he had no intentions to run for Sheriff at the present time. Furthermore, he stated plainly that while he had said he would previously to other individuals, he did so mostly to shorten and/or redirect negative conversations regarding the last election. He admitted to working for Lindsay PD as a reserve officer for approximately one month before resigning due to the extra time required beyond his normal work week. Calls to the City of Lindsay and to the Reserve Captain at the Lindsay Police Department have not been returned as yet.--XI

XI Edit: Recently, City of Lindsay officials confirmed in person that Mr. Brooks was at one time on the reserve roster but was no longer and had not been for some time. In fact, it was not known to them if he actually ever did any work for the city in any capacity before leaving the department. LPD Police personnel refused to discuss the matter at all and refused to confirm or deny any association whatsoever.--XI

" was all questionable, no doubtbut the thing that sticks out in my mind is that note. No way that could not have been a forgery. Don't forget that note..." HRMDA: Oklahoma City 

"...I will pray for your success..." PG: Prague

"...How much video can you accept? Can you use iphone/quicktime? The things that happen in a school parking lot around here are either funny or sad. I'll let you decide..." DA: Wynnewood

Sad. (Although we did laugh) FYI, our e-mail is set up to accept 10mg and we can view all current formats. We can reassemble larger videos from components if neccessary or you can send a disc to our mailing address on the front page.--XI  

"...When is the Chanda case going to court? I look forward to it..." ELAM: Purcell

Since it is the flagship case under the newly created law, it will be the one that endures all the hurdles, setbacks, delays and unknowns (much like the case did in the State Legislature). It is currently being scheduled per a variety of factors and we will be publisize it when finalized.--XI

[Multiple entries] "...I've sent several notes regarding **************** and have not seen anything updated. Is this part of the site locked due to the Sheila Deviney case?..." RA/TA: Maysville

Yes and no. The latest information on the Sheila Deviney case did require us by request to change our procedures for a short period but the main culprit was a new tool used to filter e-mail. We installed it to try and lessen the time spent tossing out spam, intentionally bad information and overly inflammatory material. It worked too well but it is since fixed although there will be a gap in some of the feedback until we catch up. Thanks for your concern. Your information was so noted and quite helpful. 'Thou shalt not get away with it...'--XI


"...Both my kids go to that school also. Knowing that a drunken nut with no license is coming in there daily really burns my *****. Talk about two sets of rules..." PA: Wynnewood 

"...okay, okay, okay Sheriff Rhodes has been in office for a whole year now. Let's get down to the nitty gritty..." DRG: Pauls Valley 

"...Just a quick note to say that I support the Chanda act (and Chanda's family) and I look forward to justice in her death. Too many have gotten away with so much for too long. They ain't going to get away with it...." RTCV: Pauls Valley

"...a Happy Birthday to Sheila Deviney. I know she is looking down with pride on so many where she lived who are so determined to solve her murder. I pray for her children as well to have strength for what's coming..." NWBR: Lindsay   

"...(P filter) , does anything work right at the medical examiner's office? Whichever doctor who ordered a man from his own funeral ought to have their license yanked. Who they working for, us or covering the (p filter) of a hospital? What kind of autopsy can they do after the funeral home already dressed him out?..." WOE: Maysville

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is certainly floundering by any estimation and under the gun from a variety of scrutiny from lawmakers, citizen's groups, the forensic pathology community and the media which are following the actions of the agency closely. Some reports indicate that Oklahoma has the worst death investigation in the United States. This is doubly regrettable given that less than twenty years ago, Oklahoma led the field and had state of the art facilities and was a pioneer in new techniques of death investigation. A perfect storm of neglect, poor oversight, lack of accountability, malfeasance and corruption have rendered asunder a once great agency that our state desperately needs to be working properly and independently.  

Per your interest in Mr. Parks' untimely passing, the OCME has indicated that the inspection of his remains, whatever it entailed has been completed and that he is scheduled to be returned to the Maysville funeral home for burial. They also stated that a full autopsy was not performed. Dr. Chai Choi is the pathologist who ordered the measure. It is unknown at this time what information convinced her to do so.

To answer your other question, an autopsy is simply an inspection of the body, requiring partial and sometimes complete dissection of the remains to facilitate visual inspection, internal tests, enhanced toxicology, and many other modalities. The common practices of embalming are not a great hurdle in such a procedure most of the time, according to experts in that field who have given us their insight. An autopsy on such a body would however, obviously take this fact into consideration beforehand. Exhumation autopsies (an autopsy done following burial and disinterment of remains) are often just as straight forward. A recent example is the December, 2009 court ordered exhumation autopsy done on the body of Garvin County shooting victim Chanda Turner, buried since July of 2000. Chanda's body, even though embalmed for nine years was in exceptional condition and the findings of the procedure were as clear as if they had been done as they should have been immediately following her death. The findings of that autopsy clearly indicated that Chanda Turner died of an externally inflicted gunshot wound and that the manner of her death was most assuredly a homicide.

This fact and many others have led concerned citizens to press for reform of the our Medical Examiner's office as well as pertinent changes in our State's legal statutes. The end result at this particular time is the recent Chanda Turner Reform Act which took effect this week. This law allows persons with one degree of blood tie to appeal the findings of the OCME in District Court. Mr. Parks' family as well as hundreds of others have until Nov 1st, 2013 to be grandfathered into this law. Thank you for your interest in our movement and for commenting on THE ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT website.--XI     

"...meanwhiles, I guess Johnny Speerbracher is just going to waller away in the slam. With all that's going around, they probably going to forgethim..." OI/TI Paoli

The Speerbracher matter is far from forgotten, we assure you. At the time of this writing, his competent legal counsel is working hard on his behalf, his family is pursuing a petition to raise interest in vacating further murder proceedings against him given the circumstances and the GCSO is finalizing the conflict regarding his bond.--XI 

"...ME came and took Andy Parks from his own funeral to OKC, don't know why..." NWBR: Maysville

According to the OCME family liason officer, that individual unfortuneately expired at Norman Regional Hospital during a routine procedure and when contacted by NRH staff, Dr. Chai Choi, the pathologist on duty at the OCME, site unseen released the body as a 'no jurisdiction' classification. Later, following unknown additional information, possible from field investigators, Dr. Choi amended her previous decision and sought the remains for further scrutiny. At the time of this writing, it was unknown by OCME staff if they intended to perform a full autopsy or not and the main issue was to rule out a pulmonary embolism. According to OCME, they expect to release the remains shortly.--XI 

"...Now let's see what the ********* and their handlers have to say about it now. We're behind you, Chanda. Always have been...." WEO: Pauls Valley

"...I've waited patiently for eleven and a half years for justice to come in Chanda's killing. Good luck and God speed to her family and those who fight for her. I want so badly for this new measure to be the one which can bring that family some peace..." HIY: Elmore City

"...What time frame for Chanda case to be heard now that the law is going into effect?..." EIM: Pauls Valley

The Chanda Turner Reform Act will become law on November 1st, 2011. Chanda's case will be one of the first to be appealed under the new provision. As for a time frame, it will depend largely on typical docket load in the Oklahoma County District court. Our best wishes to the Turner and Speziale family in their endeavor and for those other families who are preparing their appeals as we type. 'Thou shalt not get away with it...'--XI 

" why is Johhy Speerbrecher still in custody? Wasn't ne not bonded--judge lowered his bond amount?... SO: Paoli

Johnny Speerbrecher did have his bond reduced significantly by Judge Greg Dixon and if bonded, he must abide by strict in house arrest among other restrictions. He has not yet been bonded due to a conflict in the calculation of his time served and good time amounts between the Garvin County Sheriff's Office and the Oklahoma Department of Corrections in relation to his July conviction on drug possession. The last information availible to us is that Undersheriff Jim Mullett is dilligently working to rectify the specifics so that Speerbrecher might be able to be bonded. The last date projected for his possible release was given as November 25th, 2011. A number of other court dates are scheduled for this defendent as well as a difficult decision on the part of the District Attorney's office on whether to proceed with a second murder trial against him.--XI

"...thank heavens for people like all of you who refuse to lay down..." DRK: Tulsa 

"...WW has become a dangerous place. Do you know of anything regarding the arrest of ****** in relation to the murder of Glen Brownlee?... ATT: Davis [Multiple variations.]

Progress has supposedly been made in the Brownlee murder case by the investigating authorities but due to the sensitive nature of the ongoing matter and of our spirit of cooperation it is not appropriate to comment at this time.--XI

"...please feel free to use this for anything you may feel neccessary. I for one am sick to death of watching him skirt the law..." JAEP: Wynnewood.

Many thanks. Your input is greatly appreciated. Repeated scrutiny has borne fruit in this matter as the subject you mention is scheduled to be in District Court in February for a show cause hearing and potential contempt of court charges.--XI

"...Are ya t 'll following SPeerbrecher trial in GC? Would like to know information regarding ***** *****. <. Sent from Iphone. CSK: Pauls Valley

"...What is your group's opinion on this boy murdered in Paoli and father's trial? And how about mother's trial?" DO/RD: Oklahoma City [MULTIPLE VARIATIONS]

We are taking a great interest in the ongoing Johnny Ray Speerbrecher trial in Garvin County District Court before his Honor, Judge Greg Dixon. We are doing so due to a myriad of issues within the trial, notwithstanding the fact that the case itself hinges very prominently on testimony from embattled Forensic Pathologist Dr. Chai Choi as well as OCME Field Investigator John Miller both of whom have figured heavily in recent times in the ongoing crisis at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Also potentially to testify are some previous members of Garvin County law enforcement such as former acting Sheriff Steve Brooks. We also are to understand at the time of this update that the 21st District Attorney's Office has entered into an arranged plea agreement with Lisa Speerbrecher (former wife of the defendent) in exchange for leniency in a major felony narcotics case. Our wish is that the evidence presented is the truest it can be and that the defendent is afforded a zealous advocacy by his counsel with strict due process and that the jury can come to a clear and judicious verdict. The case itself is currently being covered by local media which can be seen on the
latest news page. At the time of this writing, the case is ongoing and open to the public.--XI.

"...thanks for the information at the Maysville fair day. I just moved from Blanchard. Saw some of this on news 4 and 9 but didn't know that that girl's case was still going on. Good luck to her family..." KLK: Pauls Valley 

You are very welcome. Check back to our website often and tell your friends about our movement. Despite much current information coming about, Sheila Deviney's case is still unsolved as are those of Chanda Turner and Tom Horton and many others. Despite hurdles, the dead still have champions who work tirelessly on their behalf. As we say at the XI, 'thou shalt not get away with it...--XI

" the crimestoppers line actually anonymous? If it really is, I woould like to ********* ***** ******* **** as well. .." NWBR: Paoli [MULTIPLE VARIATIONS]

It is. GCSO Deputy and Crimestoppers coordinator Steve Mayhan as well as Sheriff Rhodes himself have assured The Eleventh Commandment in person that the phone line connected to CRIMESTOPPERS is completely anonymous and devoid of any modern 'caller ID' type of mechanisms. It is this way to ensure that persons who have credible tips relating to crime in Garvin County can feel at ease in making calls as well as the ability of the Deputies to articulate in a court of law how and when they obtained said tips--that is by anonymous persons whom they cannot identify. We are of the opinion that this effort is a valid one and a step in the right direction in reducing crime in our communities. While XI will still field tips as neccessary, we urge all citizens to utilize this free, safe and excellent tool provided by hard working volunteers who do not turn a profit.--XI

"...if this occurs again, please let me know. I have a message I would like to leave at the Wynnewood cemetary myself. I think it would be very interesting..." LL: Amarillo

"...something that always bugged me (I should have toldit to you earlier) was what ***** showed me. On that day, Dec'10, ******* was shown to be out of school for a 'death in the family', uh, way before there was a death in the family. Has that ever been brought up?..." TSMX: Oklahoma City

Yes, thank you. That information was discovered early on. However, there has not yet been an adequate explanation for that occurence yet.--XI

"...LOL. I've heard every halk baked discussion around and I just don't believe it either. Mr. T had his teeth fixed, like extreme dental work that he could have put off forever if he knew he was going to off himself soon. And ****'s e-mail said in it that he bought some new shoes just before too. I mean, except for the obvious mistake he made that cost him, I don't think Horton was used to throwing good money after bad. I don't buy it..." HGT: Pauls Valley

"...If this was a suicide, then why all the blood everywhere and WHY ALL THE CLEAN-UP?..." WERT/CMA: Pauls Valley

"...this thing has gone on so long and gotten so ugly that it boggles the mind. *** ****** says there was a chat room or message board that got out of hand following the GC Grand Jury and police were involved. I have not found it but thought you all surely could point me in the right direction..." NWBR: Pauls Valley

A number of things have 'gotten out of hand' throughout the investigations (or lack thereof) into the deaths of Chanda Turner, Sheila Deviney and Tom Horton. By the description of it in your e-mail, you are most likely referring to the forum which was attached to a KFOR-4 News story following the conclusion to the 2009-2010 Garvin County Grand Jury. That discussion was begun by a Pauls Valley police civilian employee who desired to create a spirited debate about what had transpired since the previous September's convening of the Grand Jury. Police were 'involved' insofar as inspection of the pertinent IP addresses recorded on that board gave startling implications as to the actual identities of certain posters in that heated exchange. Additionally, four Wynnewood Police Officers and an armed civilian riding along with them improperly stopped, cited, searched, threatened to arrest, attempted to secure arrest warrants for and ultimately mailed a collection of citations to one of the Garvin County citizens who had been responsible for petitioning for the Grand Jury in the first place. This event occurred at the height of the online argument on March 5th 2010, the date the Grand Jury was disempaneled and their final findings made public. Despite Wynnewood officers and others that prolonged the case by continually avoiding subpoenas, that case ultimately ended in aquittal on all charges in October, 2010. 
here for the KFOR story in question. It is the one that broadcast the phrase, "intoxicated and passed out."

here for the forum entitled 'Teacher's unsolved death'. At last check, there were 212 comments on that board and to answer the last question posted on it, the 'evidence' they inquire of is most likely sitting in Oklahoma City at the Office of the Attorney General in preparation for future use given the new and far reaching impact of the Chanda Turner Reform Act.--XI  

"...found your site online when it was mentioned on the ******* ***** show. Impressive. Looks as though the same sort of things happen all over. Try this one on for size. Sound familiar?... IZL: Long Beach [link attached]

Sadly, yes it does. The theory of "Occam's razor" fits here nicely, i.e. the simplest explanation is usually the right one.

"...There is no law of limitations on a murder case, only a waiting period sometimes..." UOW: Chicago  [link attached] 

"...This new Sheriff, Rhodes, did he actually promise to look into these Garvin County killings? I was at Houston during that period and did not see the news on it..." PWER: Pauls Valley

he did.--XI

"...God forbid ya'll get into city politics of any kind [rolls eyes] what gives with EC Mayor sicking the hounds on JT?..." OPE: Pauls Valley

Politics certainly is like road tar. Hot, sticky and hard to get off your boots. At the time of this writing, Mr. Jim Tadlock has successfully fended off a questionable attempt at being removed from the Elmore City Council. He did so by being honest, forthright, calm and level headed as he always is. We wish him a speedy recovery from his physical ailments and all the best in continuing to serve his city.--XI 

"...I don't know why I am now, espcially with what has gone on already but this crap at the graveside is the last straw for me. Isn't this a crime?..." NWBR: Wynnewood

"...***** told me that ****** was responsible for destroying all the items left at ******** ******* grave in Wynnewood. SInking low..." CT: Wynnewood

"...with all that has gone on, I wonder if it's really a fact that ********* driver's license has been revoked this whole time? ****, did he drive to the cemetary to pull that number? I have been told that this was not the first time either..." NWBR: Wynnewood


"...I had better not ever see it. My mother is buried 50 yuards from there. I don't think ***** *********** has the guts to act like that with me standing there..." TM: Wynnewood

"...That’s just sick. And twisted. And this from someone who is "innocent" and trying to rebuild their life? What garbage. I wish I had been seated on that Grand Jury in PV. I simply cannot wait until November. Tick tock goes the clock..." OP/MP: Wynnewood

"...Newsflash. (As if ya'll didn't already know.) ******** works for *********. Brags constantly still. That's how he keeps his **************** out of the slam. Typical..." COT: Pauls Valley

Recent controversial events have transpired leading to a much higher than average number of communications to our website regarding the Tom Horton case. To answer the first question above with the best information availible to us, yes it is a crime in Oklahoma to deface or otherwise injure a grave site. This is spelled out quite clearly in the Oklahoma State Statutes, Title 21 Section 1167 which reads in part:

Every person who shall willfully with malicious intent destroy, mutilate, deface, injure or remove any tomb, monument or gravestone, or other structure placed in any cemetery or private burying ground, or any fence, railing, or other work for the protection or ornament of any such cemetery or place of burial of any human being, or tomb, monument or gravestone, memento, or memorial, or other structure aforesaid, or of any lot within a cemetery, or shall willfully or with malicious intent destroy, cut, break, or injure any tree, shrub or plant, within the limits thereof, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of not less than Fifty Dollars ($50.00), nor more than Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00), or by imprisonment in the county jail for a term not to exceed six (6) months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

As per the second question, according to the State of Oklahoma and confirmed at the time of this writing, the person of which you speak has been in fact penalized for non-payment of child support by having their Oklahoma driver's license revoked following substantial due process effective January 6th 2011.



In regard to this apparent illegal driving while unlicensed, Section 47-6-101 of the Oklahoma State Statutes states:

No person, except those hereinafter expressly exempted in Section 6-102 of this title, shall operate any motor vehicle upon a highway in this state unless the person has a valid Oklahoma driver license for the class of vehicle being operated under the provisions of this title. No person shall be permitted to possess more than one valid license at any time.

Additionally, Section 47-6-308 of the OK Statutes states:

A. It is a misdemeanor for any person to violate any of the provisions of Section 47-6-101 et seq. of this title unless such violation is by Section 47-6-101 et seq. of this title or other law of this state declared to be a felony.

B. Unless another penalty is in Section 47-6-101 et seq. of this title or by laws of this state provided, every person convicted of a misdemeanor for the violation of any provision of Section 47-6-101 et seq. of this title shall be punished by a fine of not more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00) or by imprisonment for not more than six (6) months, or by both such fine and imprisonment.

Furthermore, parties central to the matter have formally informed both the Wynnewood City Marshal, Ken Moore and the Garvin County Sheriff, Larry Rhodes in writing via certified mail of the apparent disregard for the law so that either or both of them or their respective staff members can potentially rectify the issue in the normal course of their sworn duties. See below.—XI


"...Which day in December (08 I think) was Tom Horton shot? I recently was told that there was telephone contact at approximately ********* on *********. My ******** attended ** with ******** and
***** ***************************************************************************************
I never met this man, but from what I've read, he is someone worthy of such efforts. Best of luck with this. I will help any way that I can..." BY: Hopewell

Thanks for the information contained in your e-mail. Tom Horton died on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 10th, 2008. He was last heard from at approximately 2:30 PM that day via telephone from co-workers. He was found dead of a shotgun wound to the chest in the early evening by his sister-in-law and police were summoned soon thereafter at approximately 5:42 per their report.--XI 

 "...we may not be real spry on the law and order end of things. Takes the police to do that. However, we don't take kindly to that kind of thing and we tend to fix it as we can. Daddio won't be having his golf tournament this year and he won't have a thing to do with my kids ever again..." NWPR: Lindsay

" may be hated by some. That's probably a given. You all are loved and respected by many many more. Don't forget it. I like you motto. Don't ever let them get away with it..." DFL: Purcell

"...I won't forget Chanda..." GF/G: Ada

"...My prayers are with the Turner family. Not exactly sure the date, but I remember that summer and always knowing in my heart that it wasn't right. I hope every one of the ********* responsible for her dying and for tormenting that family gets what's coming to them..." UIY: Pauls Valley

Chanda Turner died on July 12th, 2000, eleven years ago today as of this writing. She was beaten, shot and left to die alone in the dark. The true nature of her death was covered up and the cause and manner of it were improperly classified as a suicide until a 2009 exhumation autopsy showed that Chanda's death was a "
homicide made to look like a suicide." Since then, her parents and family have spearheaded an effort to change the way forensic pathology and death investigations are handled in Oklahoma. They have been successful following the passage of Senate Bill 250, signed into law on May 25th 2011 as the CHANDA TURNER REFORM ACT. Chanda's life will not be forgotten and those responsible for taking it will not get away with it...--XI

"...don't know exactly how you've done it, but glad you did it. I'm going to be there, first in line to see the trial begin..." PT: Lindsay

"...I wanted to post on the Sheila Devney forum. I registered a handle, ******** but cannot add my comments... [MULTIPLE VARIATIONS] HH: Maysville

The Sheila Deviney forum is currently locked due to ongoing events which necessitate it. Your handle is registered and will be workable as soon as we launch a second Sheila Deviney thread or others. Thank you for your patience.--XI

"...Amen. May Justice be done!..." FSH: Konawa

"...I won't ever stop thinking that Tom Horton got the raw end of it and that he dod not get the proper scrutiny he most assuredly deserved. Plain and simple. What the ******************** ******* ************ ?... VRD/OD: Corsicana

Much progress has been made of late and many things are changing so that Tom Horton and a host of other victims' deaths across Oklahoma will have the proper scrutiny they did deserve. Thou shalt not get away with it... --XI 

"...Have been watching for awhile now. Quite impressive. (For Yanks.) AD MAJOREM DEI GLORIAM..." ES/TE: Brighton, East Sussex

Many thanks. (Try the Earl Grey with ice in it. Most tasty.) ACTA DEOS NUMQUAM MORTALIA FALLUNT.--XI
"...So disgusted. Here we go again..." PON: Maysville

"...You folks might ought to  send some more reward posters to Lindsay area. Looks like ************ and ********************* have gotten most of them torn out. I'll volunteer my pickup if you want a big *** plywood sign to drive around so folks remember..."

"...When I saw Chanda's big photo in the Democrat, I cried a little and then I smiled. ********** looked like **** swalloed a fish hook. I'll bet ************ is scared to death too..." SAK: Purcell

"...Can you set me straight on exactly how many autopsies have been done on these folks? ****** ********** ************ muddying the waters. ********** ************ and claims it was a waste of money and resources and that same oild dog and pony show. I would appreciate it. I like what this group has done. I would want you all on my side if this happened in my house..." SMRK: Newcastle

"...Was Chandra Turner autopsied twice and they screwed one up, I take it? Idiots couldn't agree or similar or so I have been told. I have never seen anything like thise in ally life..." OPER: Pauls Valley

Chanda Turner has been autopsied only once by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Despite obvious and compelling evidence that she had been brutalized and ultimately murdered, Chanda was initially laid to rest in July 2000 without benefit of an autopsy. After years of effort on the part of her family, her one and only autopsy was performed in December 2009 following a court ordered exhumation of her remains. The procedure was conducted by then Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Collie Trant. An additional Forensic Pathologist from Colorado hired by Chanda Turner's parents, Dr. Robert Bux, participated by observing each aspect of the procedure per the same court order. Both Pathologists, Trant and Bux concurred that Chanda Turner's cause and manner of death was most assuredly homicide and that her State of Oklahoma Death certificate should be amended to relflect that. Dr. Trant has since gone on record stating that Chanda's death was a 
"homicide made to look like a suicide." 

An OCME autopsy was performed on Sheila Deviney's immolated remains within 24 hours of her death in January 2004. The results of this autopsy which clearly indicated homicide were withheld from the Deviney family for nine months. Ultimately, the forensic findings in this matter worked to enable a 2005 Grand Jury change her cause and manner to homicide.

No autopsy has been performed on Tom Horton despite his unattended, violent death by firearm which fit the State of Oklahoma Statute for one as well as requests by his family for one as well as additional evidence of his possibly being in a violent confrontation moments before his death among numerous other things. A realistic appeal of the OCME decision as well as the potential for an exhumation autopsy are now a reality thanks to the passage of the Chanda Turner Reform Act which takes effect on November 1st, 2011.

Other nightmare scenarios similar to these which have occurred all over Oklahoma can be found at 

"...May God bless the families who lost so much and those who stood up for them, with them and for them. My prayers are with you all..." O: Ada

Thank you. God helps those who help themselves. 'thou shalt not get away with it...' --XI


"...the big things go to pot because the little things are left to ruin. I figured out why there are never any police availlable, when things go to **** in Wynnewood, because the police (most especially those in charge) are always out of the city stuffing their face on our dime. Feel free to post this on your website, taken June 2nd at 5:36 pm. Happen to know how far it is to WW from there, by chance?"... AKS: Wynnewood 


Thank you for your input and your interest in our website. To answer your question, it is ironically 11.1 miles from Tio's Mexican Restaurant in Pauls Valley to the parking lot of the Wynnewood Police Department where City Marshal Ken Moore parked his pickup, seen below at 5:53 pm on the same date in question. Per the posted speed limits, and abiding by all stop signs and other traffic lights along the shortest route, it is approximately a 13 minute drive.--XI



"....going to take alot more than some voodoo chicken bones to break out of that prison cell, ****** ****** **************** SDA: Lindsay

"...I will be honest, I thought you all were fools and troublesome nuts based on what *******'s opinion is of what you're doing. **************************** ************************* ************** I've been watching enough now to know that I would have done the same thing if my family was killed like that. Don't ever quit. Not ever. Until they are all behind bars..." OPE: Pauls Valley 

"...heard a great sucking sound in downtown PV long about Thurs afternoon. Lord, it's about time..." KIJ: Tulsa

"...I need to get a hold of Joe and Donna Turner,
**** ******************************** **********
**************************************************** ************************************ **** *****************
ANON: IP ***.**.**.*** 

We will be happy to send your information on or you can contact them via --XI

"...there is some reason left in the world. Now which of these congressmen do we thank for this law?..." WERT/CMA: Pauls Valley

Besides the fact that the bill passed unanimously through every committee and floor vote in the entire Oklahoma Legislature without a single opposition vote, the following Senators and Representatives had the most to do with the Chanda Turner Reform Act becoming law either as original authors or co-authors. Thank you Senators Marlatt, Ballenger, Garrison, Johnson, Paddack, Shortey, Brinkley and David as well as Representatives Armes, Billy, Hilliard, Cockroft, McAffrey, Tibbs, Cox, Condit, Ritze, Scott, Sherrer, Roan, Hoskin, Roberts, and Sanders. If you wish to thank these men and women personally, an e-mail list is on this page just below.--XI

"...I don't have facebook account, can you please post contact info on the sens and reps please?..." WERT: Pauls Valley

Certainly. See below. Legislator phone, office mailing address and other information can be found at and



"...This deal at OKC (Chanda bill) is unbelievably complicated. I had no idea. What's the latest and how much longer?..." DEE: Pauls Valley

"...When is the bill going to be the CHANDA TURNER LAW?..." HV: Ada

Legislation is enormously complicated. At the time of this writing, the Chanda Turner Reform Act (SB 250 by Senator Bryce Marlatt) had completed debate in both houses of congress and passed certification as titled and amended in the Senate Conference committee. It is nearly finished with the certification process and if it passes, it will continue to Governor Mary Fallin for her consideraton.--XI

"...? any trut to Rhodes ********************** and pulling officers out of WWPD?..."

As mentioned previously, neither XI nor other average citizens are generally allowed to know the internal workings of the GCSO, Sheriff Rhode's perogative or other similar issues. While we cannot comment on the former in any way, the latter is true in that Sheriff Rhodes has recently informed local police departments within Garvin County that his deputies may not serve as part time officers, ostensibly due to 'conflicts of interest.' Although the process he underwent to arrive at that decision is unknown to us, we feel it is a very rational and appropriate one for a multitude of very obvious reasons.--XI

"...These heathens ought to remember that they're running out of friends. Tom Horton is not..." MT/BT: Purcell

"...Tell me this thing about vandalism isn't true. Rotten eggs..." TT: Claremore

"...Is it true that some of the XI members' homes were damaged recently? What I was told was that ******** house was fired at among other things..." BT: Pauls Valley

We cannot hope to defuse every 'rumor' that occurs within and without of Garvin County nor is it what our organization is about. Since the death of Chanda Turner in the summer of 2000, her family, the Deviney family from Maysville, petitioners for a 2009 Grand Jury regarding Tom Horton's death and members of The Eleventh Commandment (including one who unsuccessfully ran for municipal office recently) have all fallen victim to various forms of attempted intimidation, repeated property damage or other loss at various times. It seems to unfortuneately come with the territory. --XI 

"...Well I'll give you this. You all have stick-to-it-iveness. My kids followed this all year and six wrote essays on it. Hopefully enough breaks over the summer that they will be looking forward to it next semester as well. Hats off and please bring back the blogs..." CA: Oklahoma City

;-) On the way.--XI

"...I attended WHS in 1983-85 and had Tom Horton for classes. I thought alot of him. They say you never really know someone of course and I haven't lived in OK for some time now but I will say this: LOAD OF CRAP. I hope your efforts at getting the word out are working. I got it here in CA. The wife's mother got it in FRANCE! Take care..." SSG: Long Beach

"...Is the reward still being honored for Sheila Deviney's death?
ANON: IP **.**.****

"...I'm been having trouble logging in to the Sheila forum... [Multiple entries] 

Yes, the $50,000 reward is still availible. Come claim it.

The XI forum was temporarily locked due to ongoing events and the implementation of a better system of security. Bulletins were sent out to most registered members but we understand not everyone got one. The forum is back up and additional threads are forthcoming.--XI  

"...Told me that there is another petition drive in Elmore again about police issues of some kind. Wasn't sure what. Do you have any information on this and is something yall are doing?..." EP: Maysville

The Eleventh Commandment is not currently involved with any petition matter at this time. Members of XI have previously circulated a petition prior to the formation of the group in a 2009 Grand Jury matter within Garvin County and assisted in part as a group with the circulation of a state-wide
JUSTICE FOR THE DEAD petition in support of SENATE BILL 250 [The Chanda Turner Reform Act] during the last year prior to the current legislative session.

There is a petition being circulated within Elmore City, OK by citizens of that community and yes, it has been brought to our attention by the interested parties involved. Apparently, due to the perceived conduct of the ECPD with regard to certain established mutual aid agreements with the Garvin County Sheriff's Office, some are hoping to convince the Sheriff to rescind or modify the current existing agreement. The copy of the petition sent to XI reads as follows:

"We the undersigned residents of Garvin County, Oklahoma request that the Garvin County Sheriff deny Elmore City, Oklahoma Law Enforcement the right to enforce the law outside of Elmore City limit Jurisdiction." 

Since a petition regarding such a matter does not fit within the established by-laws of our organization, we have no opinion on the matter one way or the other and consider it an Elmore City issue between their citizens, their city fathers, their police and the Sheriff. We are hopeful that the matter is settled amicably among all parties and that the good citizens of Elmore City are satisfied with the outcome whatever it is.--XI 

"...I didn't believe *** but *** swore that the whole mess was just a ploy to cheat insurance--or sore that none was paid, etc. Has this come up before?..." GW: Wynnewood 

"...**** is a fool for certain, but I just have to ask, isn't a great deal of this stubborness all about money. Wouldn't a few stand to gain quite a chunk of change in insurance and what not? This is pretty much what the gist of the argument is over at ****..." ANON: IP ***.**.**.*** Pauls Valley

Hardly. But thank you for bringing this to our attention so frankly. Of the three main Garvin County, Oklahoma victims spotlighted on this website (Chanda Turner of Elmore City, Sheila Deviney of Maysville and Tom Horton of Wynnewood) only Mr. Horton had any life insurance at stake and this policy paid off immediately after his death without question due to his being out of indemnity for many decades despite how the cause and manner of death was classified. Neither the families of Chanda Turner nor Sheila Deviney* received anything nor are they poised to despite what events eventually take place with regard to criminal law or statuatory reform of certain State Agencies. (*Although Sheila Deviney's ex-husband, the father of her two children does receive social security survivor benefits following Sheila's 2004 homicide by arson) While we won't comment on the 'coffee talk' at the establishment you referred to, one sure way to know that we're digging into the quick of the matter is the response and actions of those responsible, up to and including insidious gossip and out of context propaganda designed to deteriorate the credibility of those seeking the truth.--XI

"...Me, Mom, ****** and ****** all sent e-mails. I hope they're listening..." RT: Paoli

"...I sent several messages to my congressmen but never got any response. How do I know they went rhrough or worked?..." DA: Pauls Valley

Don't worry. With all the thousands of e-mails sent by supporters of XI and JUSTICE FOR THE DEAD, only a handful were answered. This is typical. Despite the stereotypes to the contrary, your average congressman works untold hours, especially now during the congressional session. Your e-mails worked. SB 250 passed the House Floor today 94-0. It must now be formally recertified in titled form (As the
CHANDA TURNER REFORM ACT) before going to the Governor's desk. Along with the hundreds of supporters of the movement calling and e-mailing, the Turner Family and their counsel Jaye Mendros nearly wore the tile off the floor in the State House in person. Justice is one step closer. Thou shalt not get away with it...--XI

"...With all the **** that's going on. I don't feel safe in Garvin County..." SSP/DP: Katie

"...How can we help the bill pass?..." TR: Oklahoma City

"...What can be done now from our end? Also, nother questions: What was the bill named before when ****** messed with it last time and why is the bill named for Chanda Turner and not a combination of names, or what have you. Just wondering..." SEK/KAT: Newcastle

At least two of the lawmakers who manipulated the families of lost loved ones in the process of allegedly creating flawed legislation last session are now charged with bribery and are pending trial. No specific bills were ever actually introduced at that time regarding any far reaching reforms of the OCME and the one bill which did pass regarding the Medical Examiner's Office was thankfully and appropriately vetoed by then Governor Brad Henry.

Before it can become law and binding to the current situation, the Chanda Bill must pass a combined vote before the House of Representatives which will commence soon. It must then be re-confirmed at the Senate in its amended and formally titled form before it can be sent to current Governor Mary Fallin to hopefully be signed into law. All those who wish to help the passage of this measure are encouraged to send e-mail in support of the CHANDA TURNER REFORM ACT (Senate Bill 250) to all the members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the Senate as well as Governor Mary Fallin. E-mail addresses for all current congressmen can be found at and  

The SB 250 bill as now officially titled is named after victim Chanda Turner for a variety of reasons, not withstanding that Chanda's family and parents have led the charge from Garvin County, Oklahoma since July 2000. Chanda Turner's family and friends have borne the brunt of a vast amount of malfeasance, have personally financed the overwhelming majority of the legal research involving the drafting of the pending legislation as well as a performed innumerable hours of legwork and networking via Since Chanda's is the oldest case, the original case and in many ways a breakthrough case, naming a potentially landmark law after her seems quite appropriate. If passed, the Chanda Turner Reform Act will have broad and far reaching consequences for a number of other families in Oklahoma and all over the United States as well. May those that knew Chanda, especially those involved in her early demise and the convoluted events that followed remember her name forever.--XI  

" do I get one of those blue bracelets?" KB: Enid

Check your mailbox for the last of the lot we have of the original run of the CST conference bracelets. our latest batch of 'XI' bracelets [THE ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT.ORG -- THOU SHALT NOT GET AWAY WITH IT...] in a slightly more darker blue is backordered but will be availible for order on the membership page when they arrive. Also planned are limited runs of support bracelets in specific colors for individual persons, such as Tom Horton (Blue and Gold) Sheila Deviney (Red and White) and Chanda Turner (Black and white.) We will announce when these plans are finalized and when they are availible.--XI

...What's the score now, XI?..." CD: Pauls Valley

Chanda 5 Bad Guys 0. The bill passed the House PSC unopposed 16 to 0. Three hurdles remain. A vote before the combined House of Representatives, confirmation as amended and titled before the Senate and the Governor's signature. Thanks to our hard working Senators and Representatives as well as all those who have supported the measure with prayers, e-mails and phone calls. Don't quit. Let your congressman know your wishes. Tell them to vote for the CHANDA TURNER REFORM ACT.--XI

"...I am so happy today. This long quest is so much closer. The dead tell no lies. Those responsible will not escape as you say, they shall not get away wuth it..." JSG: Edmond 

"...noticed the hook-em up between Mashburn and Lucas was missing from the dreaded $.02 file. Why so silent?..." TY: Yukon

Simply not enough staff to cover all the things going on all at once. Not to worry, we noticed but waited for it to pan out and for the situation to become more clear. For a couple of pennies, this is a perfect example of the convoluted nature of things where we live.

While we support and respect the District Attorney's abilities, insight and right to question judicial bias, we are at once stricken by the outcry over what appears to be Mashburn's office simply not taking no for an answer and playing out the issue in the media. These are two things we at The Eleventh Commandment have been critisized for relentlessly by his office as we and our allies have run the gauntlet of the criminal justice system for a day in court to objectively inspect the 'totality of the circumstances' regarding the demise of human beings. What we hope transpires is that cooler heads and astute legal minds prevail and the entire story is allowed to unfold with 'no stone left unturned'. If Mr. Mashburn gets his day in court and Mr. Lucas gets his day in court then perhaps the issue will be settled and the rest of the citizens of the 21st judicial district can go on about having their day in court.--XI 

"...Thanks for the e-mail update. I've followed Tom's case since day number one. There will be no rest for the wicked..." WU/VU: Kingwood

XI Note: A vast amount of material was sent to XI during the Wynnewood municipal election period from various personalities for a variety of purposes. As per the bylaws set forth previously, the ethical decision was made to seperate all campaign related material from The Eleventh Commandment efforts for the obvious reason that a member of XI was running for office in that election.

"...We stand with the families as they tell those at the capital that WE WANT CHANGE! Pass the Chanda Turner Bill!..." VP/TP/GP: Pauls Valley

"...****** I understand your point and I respect the decision to hold it back, but I want to make it clear that I do not considrer Tom Horton or his death to be "history". I have not forgot. *** *** has got to learn that **************** LS: Wynnewood

"...It occurred to me then (Aug '08 I believe) but I had nothng to base this on. ******** stayed with ***** and ****** showed up pronto. He was very aggrieved..." DO: Dallas  

"...receive cookies?..." GAR: Lawton

Affirmative. Thin mints. Pecan sandies.--XI

"...I wanted to say you folks have done a hell of a job. I had some choice words for our lady Governor when she came to EC. Pretty sure she's going to put her foot down on some of this ****** ****. Long past due, I'm afraid." CR: Elmore City

"... ***** ***** ** who burnt the girl in Maysville? Called ***** and t0ld a whopper..." EE: Lindsay 

"...Could someone please help us sort out some of this mess in the legislature right now? We want to help but this ios so ard to understand anymore..." NWE: Pauls Valley

Absolutely. Follow the links below to read for yourself the current bills pertaining to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in this legislative session. By our estimation, only one (SB 250: The Chanda Turner Reform Act) has the input of the families of lost loved ones who have been denied justice by a broken system and it alone has the provisions neccessary for lasting change in Oklahoma.--XI

To read the bills and follow their progress yourself, follow these links to the Oklahoma Legislature:
CLICK HERE to read SB 250, the Chanda Turner Reform Act. Follow its progress HERE

CLICK HERE to read SB 671 (Sen. Jolley) a bill designed to create a new State Office of Pathology among other issues. Follow its progress HERE

CLICK HERE to read SB 433 (Sen. Nichols) a bill requiring certain findings to be transmitted electronically among other issues. Follow its progress HERE

CLICK HERE to read HB 1352 (Rep. McCaffrey) a bill which would modify the makeup of the OCME Medico-legal board. Follow its progress HERE

"...I only wanna know one thing. Did she soot herself before ****** ran her over with a heavy truck or after he did it? ********** ******* Seems to be this would be a pertinent question to ask those slobs at OKC..." PAA/DA: Newkirk

"...if the news only published that much, one wonders what we didn't get to see. If our leaders paid money to have Bonnie investigate Clyde, our state is in trouble..." PAD: Oklahoma City 

"...When I got the bulletin, all the text said was CHANDA 3, BAD GUYS 0 and I laughed out loud. People are starting to feel good again. Maybe things will eventially change. Lord knows it's way past time to..." SD/KD: Pauls Valley

"...Do you ever publish 'political cartoons' as such? I though if you did, it ceould become a regular feature. Just a suggestion..." BEY: Ponca City

Actually, since the XI website was launched, we're regularly bombarded with manipulated photos and other arwork. Much of it is hilarious, some of it sure to elicit legal action and most of it is too controversial to share due to the context of our organization and our bylaws. Sometimes, however, we make an exception. Thanks AAM and HH.--XI


"...I won't ever forget Chanda. Looks like some others didn't either..." SD: Oklahoma City

"...God bless America! That girl whose name was dragged through the mud just like she was dragged through the yard deserves to finally get justice. I have wanted to watch ******* ******* fall for a long time. What happens now as far as the bill goes and how do I help?..." JTL: Pauls Valley

The Chanda Turner Act, a bill authored in the Senate by Senator Bryce Marlatt-R, Woodward has passed unanimously before a Senate Sub-Committee and an Appropriations Committee without change. It will now undergo debate on the Senate Floor and a vote before the combined Senate. If it wins Senate approval, it will then travel to the Oklahoma House of Representatives to repeat a similar process amongst a variety of committees and then the full House. If is passes the House, it will go before our new Governor, Mrs. Fallin to be signed into law if she deems it fit to be. Many pitfalls remain as well as weeks or months of hard work on the part of our this entire movement, the lawmakers and the families of lost loved ones as well as the crack team of attorneys led by Jaye Mendros which have proven themselves during this struggle. You can help by communicating your desires as constituents to your Senators and Representatives as well as Governor Fallin herself via mail, telephone and e-mail. This act, if it becomes law, will help dozens of families immediately in Garvin County and all across our state. It will also fundamentally improve Oklahoma in the future in the unforseen case your family is ever affected.--XI 


"...How do you receive information for the website?..." PP: Oklahoma City

"...Is the Eleventh Commandment seen everywhere or jst local area? I not really well versed in how the web works so just asking..." OD/TD: Pauls Valley

XI was formed primarily as a means to solve local issues which revolved around a trio of deaths in Garvin County, Oklahoma. We have since met with and become a part of an enormous social network world wide with similar interests and are often sent in information from a wide range of locations. We do our best to share our hard won insight with whomever we meet along the road to justice. Corruption, malfeasance and violence knows no geographical boundary.   

In Loving Memory of Abigail Balboa Maldonado
                                                                              April 11th 1985-June 30th 2007

The Eleventh Commandment website is published on the World Wide Web and is seen by anyone on the planet with an internet connection. Already, we have been visited by and received e-mail from all 50 U.S. states and over 100 countries. (More than half the world.)  We can be reached via telephone, fax, e-mail, instant message, snail mail or on facebook. 'Thou shalt not get away from us'--XI

"...Hell Bells, a blind man could see that was a murder..." SNK: Lindsay

"...OMG, so happy to finally see progress being made. That poor family has been totured for over ten years. I want to cry but I'm just so happy to see justice finally becoming a reality..." SST: Pauls Valley

"...Hooray! It's about time..." GA: Sulphur

"...I can't wait to see the look on ******'s face when this becomes law. I really can't..." PR: Pauls Valley

Thank you all for your explosive response to the news of the progress of the Chanda Turner Reform Act which passed the Senate Committee unanimously. It will now head to the full Senate for more debate. The Turner family from Elmore City as well as dozens of other families represented by Justice For The Dead are overjoyed at the progress but hard work still remains. If you want to get involved, contact your local State Senator and your State Representative and tell them you want them to vote for passage of the Chanda Turner Reform Act. [Currently Senate Bill 250] --XI

" the reward on Sheila Deviney's case still honored?..." ANON [Multiple variations]

"...seen these red reward posters all over. As far as holdenville and many in the oil fields. Heard many a story that they make a certain few pretty nervous. I just have to ask though, is that for real or is that a ploy to scare up somethng? 50 thou is alot of dough. Please let me know..." ORT: Lindsay

Fifty thousand is indeed alot of money. Make no misake, the reward exists, the money is real, those that pledged it are outraged and are even considering upping the reward as the case warrants and as new information develops. The Deviney family from Maysville, Oklahoma will pay out in cash, fifty thousand dollars for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the murder of Sheila Deviney on January 6th, 2004. If you know something you feel will bring justice to this case, come forward and claim your reward.--XI  

"...I hope the poeple of Oklahoma, especially the residents of Garvin County, remember the name Chanda Turner FOREVER! I hope they remember her as she was aand don't make her into something that she wasn't. I hope they remember those responsible for killing her, those officers of the law which could have done something about it and didn't, those that covered it up, those that interfered with the truth coming out. I hope they remember her family and those who stood up for her. I hope they remember her in the halls of the capital..."   FCT: Hennepin

You are about to get your wish. Senator Bryce Marlatt, R-Woodward, has just introduced Senate Bill 250, known as the 
Chanda Turner Reform Act which, if enacted into law this session, will have a profound effect on the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and how autopsies are done in Oklahoma.--XI

"...Proud of ya'll. Keep punching. Don't give 'em time to breathe..." JWE: Noble

"...What does the latin phrase on the homepage mean? [multiple variations] WERT: Purcell

FIAT JUSTITIA RUAT CAELUM is one of our secondary mottos and is roughly translated into English as 'Let the truth be known though the heavens fall.' In the context in which our organization displays it, it means that we will never rest until the the Chanda Turner, Sheila Deviney and Tom Horton cases are rectified according to law no matter which seemingly insurmountable political hurdles are thrown in our path. --XI 

"...Things seem to be ramping up again on at least one of these killings, as per the scuttle butt around here but we both know what that's worth. Let me know if there is anything that we can do to help. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with it..." BC/SC: Pauls Valley

"...Thank you for all that you do to keep citizens in the loop on the corruption in Oklahoma and in the Medical Examiner's office. Each day the number of supporters (in this endeavor) grows, and it's because people like you continue to marshal forward on behalf of citizens who no longer have a voice..." YK: Norman

"...Good work guys!!!! I've been working to get justice on my husbands wrongfull death case..Things have to change..." CC: Chickasha

"...I always thought that the City Marshal of WW lived up on Seminole Street but I since learned that is the son, who is the school officer, not Chief. If he (the CM) does not actually live in the city, How is it that he is allowed to serve by the city charter?..." SD: Wynnewood

"...For your information, current City Marshal Ken Moore does not live in Wynnewood, nor in Garvin County..." TDH: Wynnewood
[XI Clarification]

"...Do you know where Moore lives and if so, what is the legality of him running for City Chief again this year? **** told me that is he barred from driving his police unit home because he lives outside of the city..." TOS: Wynnewood [XI Clarification]

Ken Moore's residence is in fact outside of the municipal city limits of Wynnewood and within the geographical confines of Murray County. The Eleventh Commandment makes no claim as to the legality of Chief Moore's standing or eligibility to run for the office he now occupies in the upcoming municipal election. Whether or not there is a Alderman/Councilman prohibition for him regarding his police unit is unknown as he does commonly keep his police cruiser at his Murray County residence while not on duty.--XI

"...I agree, things do wear out and become broken and sometimes beyond cost effective repair, however, I, as a tax payer, want this resolved.  Here is a way the new sheriff can let the public know he is there for the citizens of Garvin County and not willing to maintain the good old boy network..." TH: Foster

"...****** bought and paid for. Make no mistake..." YR/AR: Stratford

"...I was told that ***** defaced ******'s grave. I am shocked and angered. Not the behavior of someone who is innocent in my mind. I am so disappointed..." WD: Wynnewood

The gravestone itself was not harmed so far as is known. Items left as memorials were taken and presumably destroyed as per eye witnesses. The issue has been brought to the attention of the appropriate authorities.--XI

"...I've watched this whole mess unfold since the other Grand Jury in 2005, (Deviney girl burned) where I was very nearly picked for duty on that one. If I wasn't too old and too tired, I would leave this place and never look back. Watching the powers that be manuever around these three cases is like watching a blind person work a rubic's cube. Trust me, there is a lynch pin somewhere that you can move and get this going. Good luck finding that needle in this stack of needles. I wish you the best of luck I hope that the Justice Department rides through here like a bull in a china shop..." YR/AR: Stratford 

"...I didn't put two and two together at first, but after seeing the news broadcast, I swore that **** looked familiar. I was mighty horrified to remember that I attended **** with he and **** in ******* of ******. What stuck out is that all they ever talked about was bragging about a beat down that happened. The story went on and on. ****** made it seem like they killed the guy. **** **** , I think. **** ***** just thought that was special. I hope this may be of some use..." JAK: Oklahoma City 

"...I came across the link I'm sending and it seemed so similar to Sheila Deviney case that I couldn't understand why the state wouldn't treat it the same way. Down to the same old same old "the crime scene no longer existed" spiel..." AAG: Blanchard

This is the one that really rips it for me, how do you lose an AR-15  Bushmaster .223 semi automatic rife while serving a warent? Who w s it checked out to?  Who was being served a warent that required the use of an AR15 assult rifel? ****** ********************************* ********* ******** *** Did an officer just leave it laying around and oops! it just vanashed?  Who was responsible for the gun? Doesn't it make more sense that  it was taken and someone in the sheriff's department knows who took it? But surely we have no corruption in the GCSD..." POB: Pauls Valley

Modern law enforcement requires competency with a number of weapons and non-lethal options due to the violent and unpredictable nature of our society. A rifle of the type in question is just one of these. The tools of the trade, when used properly, become worn, broken and sometimes, unfortuneately lost. Newly elected Sheriff Rhodes certainly has alot on his plate in regard to shoring up issues within his department and restoring trust in an agency damaged by previous perceptions of wrongdoing. --XI 

"...I am kinda new at all this and what has been going on in Garvin County until this last election 'circus act' but it does strike me funny that some of the same deputies and cops keep comming up in these investigations over and over..." MR: Lindsay

"...I would like to know who the camera and gun were signed out to when they were lost.  As a citizen of Garvin County I feel I have a right to know, especially if it was one of the deputies that was retained under the new sheriff..." HH: Elmore City

"...Long time resident of WW, first time to speak up. You may know this already but it seems to me that USPO's (Upstairs Passed Out's) Wife, was there at the house on Schmidt when that shooting happened. ************ told me that a dark colored car was in the drive but Tom's white Dodge pickup was heading out and it wasn't Tom driving it. Something doesn't add up here, folks..." DD: Wynnewood

"...Is it true that new evidence has been uncovered relating to Tom's death **********, ******** which the grand jury didn't hear? Also, is it also tu that Chris Caine's death was not heard by the Grand Jury? What's the deal there?..." VM: Pauls Valley

"...Was the Grand Jury a farce? I would like to know from someone close to it. I only see what I read in the papers up here..." PW: Noble

It is true that citizens of Garvin County and elsewhere who are outraged over the overall incompleteness of the investigation into Tom Horton's death have responded positively to our movement and website. It is also true that a vast amount of new evidence has been procurred since the Grand Jury was disempaneled and comes in almost daily. We are optimistic that ultimately, the truth will be known regarding the chain of events which occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 in Wynnewood. 

The Tom Horton Grand Jury [Garvin County Case Number CJ-09-00319] did not choose to hear the matter of the shooting death of Chris Cain. According to DA staff, this was in part due to the crime being committed in a different jurisdiction in another state despite the probability that issues within Garvin County contributed to Cain's death. The same Grand Jury also declined to hear the matters of the murder of Sheila Deviney outside of Maysville, and the murder of Chanda Turner whose remains were being exhumed and autopsied while the Jury was empaneled. A matter involving horse neglect was also declined. Again, according to DA staff, most of these decisions had as much to do with circumstances relating to logistics and the input of the District Attorney's Office as they did with the Jury itself. The reality of jurisprudence trumps any and all expectations or wishes and the Grand Jury and their ultimate thought process is closed to the public.

While these are unfortunate facts which did not yield a concise outcome, what should be made clear is that the Jury was made up of common citizens who sacrificed many weeks of their jobs and life and did an extraordinary job objectively looking at the evidence which was made availible to them. They did their level best and should be commended by all voting citizens for their contribution. Additionally, it should be pointed out that the Jury's failure to return a true bill of indictment in Tom Horton's death is not neccessarily a detriment to future investigation into the matter. Had the Jury returned an indictment which was false, short sighted or flawed, this may have worked to allow a guilty person to go free in the future by creating a case which was unwinnable--or worse, indicting an innocent person. There is no statute of limitations on homicide anywhere within the United States.

It should also be noted that the Grand Jury did return indictments against an individual accused of drug crimes which is still on the docket and soon to be before a petit jury in Garvin County District Court. The Eleventh Commandment supports the due process of law in all matters and encourages all persons of age to be registered to vote and thus availible to perform the civic responsibility of jury duty. Government is only as good as the goverened. 'Thou shalt not get away with it...' --XI  

"...If you feel it is important to post my question, please do not use my name or initials. I found this site through a share on facebook by ****************** I trust and love. I have been horrified by the evidence I've seen. I have heard the rumors regarding corruption and lazy investigation regarding these cases but had never seen or heard the "why" the families thought it was murder. Now I understand. Yes I was supporter of Brooks, now I wish I wasn't. One question I have is why ****** ********** *********** ************* **************** allowed at the crime scene?..." ANON IP:

That is a very good question and one which the family who lost their loved one has been asking for quite awhile now without a definitive answer. 2011 promises to hopefully answer it and bring closure to a long suffering family. Garvin County now has a fresh new District Judge, new energetic ADAs, a new Attorney General, Governor and a capable new Sheriff which ran on a platform promising to objectively look at the totality of the Turner, Deviney and Horton cases based on the entirety of the old evidence and any new evidence. (Which has been gained in buckets by the way.) Damn the torpedoes. Full speed ahead. For more information also visit and --XI

"...Did Don Helpingstine work the Chanda Turner crime scene on Klondike?..." WE: Wynnewood

"...Who exactly was present--or should I say who was documented to be present--at the shooting up on Klondike when the Turner girl was killed?..." SD: Elmore City

According to the GCSO crime scene log prepared by Deputy Bill Carson, then Deputy Don Helpingstine did in fact work the crime scene as a commisioned law enforcement officer and was one of the first responding officers to the scene. He was the first Deputy to begin the crime scene log before being relieved. In fact, he possessed the same level of certification as future acting Sheriff Steve Brooks during the same time frame and was technically on the scene longer than Brooks having arrived before and leaving after Brooks. See the photo below: (The standard version of the crime scene log appears on the EXHIBITS page.)


The two page crime scene log lists the following individuals in no specific order: Former GCSO Deputy Don Helpingstine, Current Deputy Bill Carson, Former Deputy Gary Cozad, Former Sheriff Bob Davis, Former Assistant District Attorney Larry Balcerak, Former Deputy Taylor, Former Deputy Matt Mixon, Former Assistant District Attorney Scott Sampson, Former Deputy Steve Brooks, Former Deputy Rambo, Current OCME Investigator John Miller, Former Undersheriff Donnie Anderson, Former Deputy Tony Johnston, Current Attorney Robert T. Rennie (Listed as Bobby Rennie), Robbie Tucker who lived at the property in question at the time of the death. Former Elmore City PD Officer Jennings, Funeral Home Director Gary Wooster and Heather Adkins, a friend who was staying at the home at the time of the shooting and who is now deceased.

Deputies Rambo and Johnston do not appear as having entered the crime scene but they are documented as having left it. Members of a PVGH Ambulance Crew are also not reflected in the report.--XI  

"...I served 13 months in Vietnam and never once did I see a trooper who had lost their rifle (even the ones who were dead still had it.) Was someone's salary docked or did I pick up the tab for that?..." PP: Pauls Valley

"...GC didn't get like this in a couple monthss o it sure won't get right very quickly. I am ready for the new crew to begin though. LR has a whole lot of garbage to truck to the curb. (P.S. we'll help!)..." KD: Lindsay

"...Well it's a new year and nobody has excuses now. Let's see what they're prepared to do. We've been patiently waiting since we moved out of there in 2001..." MR: Oklahoma City

"...They've been stealing Garvin COunty blind for some time now. I hope Mr. Rhodes can get his house in order quickly. I hate living in a place with so much potential that so many people see as back***wards..." BT: Pauls Valley

"...When a new Sheriff takes over, aren't the state supposed to audit things? What kind oversight is there between elections?..." PS/KS: Paoli

The Office of the State Auditor and Inspector provides independent oversight and issues reports which are designed to ensure a government which is accountable to the people of the State of Oklahoma. (At the time of this writing, newly elected Gary Jones had not yet been sworn into office) In regard to your question, 19 O.S. § 178.1 spells out the requirements for our county:

“The board of county commissioners in each county of this state shall take, or cause to be taken, an inventory of all working tools, apparatus, machinery and equipment belonging to the county or leased or otherwise let to it or to any department thereof, other than that which is affixed to and made part of lands and buildings, the cost of which as to each complete working unit thereof is more than Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), and thereafter maintain or cause to be maintained a continuous inventory record thereof and of like tools, apparatus, machinery and equipment purchased, leased or otherwise coming into custody of the county or any office, board, department, commission or any or either thereof, and the disposition thereof whether sold, exchanged, leased or let where authorized by statute, junked, strayed or stolen, and biennially thereafter…”

The last known current publication regarding Garvin County by the State Auditor and Inspector's Office was the May 2009 Garvin County Sheriff Officer Turnover Statutory Report which took place just prior to then Undersheriff Steve Brooks being named Acting Sheriff.That report can be read online here:

An excerpt from that report indicates that some items owned by the county, including a firearm were indeed missing at the time of that report:
"...It was noted that a complete and accurate inventory of all office furniture and equipment was not maintained. We were not able to locate the following items:
1. Teal Sofa—Serial Number N/A
2. Bushmaster Rifle—Serial Number L308145
3. Sony Cybershot Camera—Serial Number 803110
4. Garbage Disposal—Serial Number 122180

Effect: Inventory items were not accurately accounted for and the County's assets may not be safeguarded.

Recommendation: OSAI recommends equipment inventory information be periodically reviewed, reconciled, and updated to detect errors and to maintain an accurate inventory record. Additionally, OSAI recommends that the disposition or location of the items unable to be located be researched and corrected.

Views of responsible officials and planned corrective actions: As discussed with OSAI, Mr. Roady stated that the sofa was disposed of by the Department of Environmental Quality because ingredients from a meth lab spilled on it. The camera was lost at a crime scene. The bushmaster rifle was lost after serving a warrant. The garbage disposal broke and was disposed of when the sink was removed. The County did not remove it from inventory..."

A current inventory and report is pending by statute and will no doubt occur forthwith.--XI



Search below for selected posts and photos sent to The Eleventh Commandment from July-December 2010. See the PHOTOS page for additional photos and media as well as the EXHIBITS page for other information sent in to The Eleventh Commandment.-XI

"...Damn, what a year!..." BE: Houston 

"...Thought you might like to know that ****** is liquidating a bunch of property left and right. Guess he thinks he's going to be needing the dough soon enough. I hope he's right.." GS: Pauls Valley

"...***** has got the sppook in him. Dreading Janaury and the new year..." PES: Lindsay

"...Interesting. **** is about to blow out of town. The rats are leaving the ship, ya'll. Must be sinking. It can't sink fast enough for me..." CD: Lindsay

"...It's disgusting. Friendship only goes so far so it must be hush money. That in and of itself is cause for suspicion. Just how many 'monkeyshines' did these little mongrels do together?..." HAW: Moore 

"...I check in every day. Sometimes I'm amazed at how fouled up thngs are. Please read this attachment that **** wrote. I don't know if it's usable but I hope it is..." SS: Wynnewood

"...the right man is coming to the (AG) office now. Seek the assistance of the multi-county grand Jury for these cases. I think you may find some progress. Many blessings..." TAH: Oklahoma City

"...did someone pull a fast one to get Rhodes tucked away nicely or what?..." TT: Davis

"...I don't understand exactly the legal-eze determining why Rhodes had to take over so soon and how come he didn't get time to recruit his administration..." CS: Pauls Valley

While we cannot at this time cite statute and regulation either, we tend to assume that ADA George Burnett was correct when he contended that the law was clear that a newly elected Sheriff must take over the office of an appointed official within three days of election. This was due to then Acting Sheriff Brooks fulfilling the remainder of the term vacated by his predecessor, Sheriff Bill Roady who ran for the office unopposed in the previous term before retiring after one year due to health concerns. This fact was largely unknown to most voters and supporters of both camps and an unforseen scenario since Acting Sheriff Brooks was a heavy favorite among many circles. Otherwise, in the typical instance, Sheriff Rhodes would have taken office on January 1st with the rest of the newly elected officials.--XI

"...All my best to the many families who worked together. I think Garvin County will be a better place soon. (Although I live in McClain haha) I hope you all get the answers you seek..." JWE: Noble 

"...I'm eighteen. This was my first election to vote in. I hope I did it right..." OT: Pauls Valley

Congratulations on becoming a good citizen of Garvin County and a good American period. The members of The Eleventh Commandment are overjoyed to exist in a county full of civic minded people who work to better their communities. The new registers at the county election board and the voter turnout was truly impressive. We now have a new District Judge, a new Attorney General and a new Sheriff of Garvin County so the odds for change are in our favor. As a wise scholar once said, we have the worst form of government ever known to man--except all the other ones which have ever been tried before. The wheels of justice do move slowly. But trust us, they are moving.--XI

"...plenty of sour grapes from what I'v read. When is **** going to start in on things do you think?...SS: Pauls Valley

"...Saw your FB ad. Nice site. No offense, but I hope I never have to stop there in your county if I ever drive through Oklahoma. Just saying...: FFG: Bakersfield 

"...I saw a conversation on your facebook in latin. Try this one: Fortiter fideliter forsan feliciter. I think that sums up the current environment for the eleventh commandment. At least, I hope so..." TY: Dallas 

"...I had to resend this six times. Is it true your website got hacked into?..." PO: Purcell

".... ***** said you got had hacker troubles..." DC: Pauls Valley

We did experience some 'technical difficulties' directly following the election. We attribute this to a short and furious burst in the amount of attention our website and facebook sites were getting beyond what they were designed for (and a malfunctioning webmaster with arthritic fingers) No breaches of our website were successful and no information was compromised. If you get a message back, try to re-send it or go through our message board on the contact page or through our new guestbook. You can also send us a FB message. --XI

"...Wow. I believe we're all figuring out how far down it goes..." LH/FH: Pauls Valley

“... **** told me they saw *****, ***** and **** being arrested by Federal Agents and being led away from the courthouse...” [Multiple variations]

The Eleventh Commandment has gone to considerable length to determine the truth to that issue and has not been able to confirm or deny that or any similar occurence. Subsequently we consider it at this point to be unsubstantiated rumor, wishful thinking, pranks and/or a combination of all.--XI

“...Good job. Now let’s get to work setting it straight...” JF: Pauls Valley

“...I’m a yellow dog. But I seen a deputy swiping a sign the night before an election and then on the way to the polls, I seen ******** ripping down a reward poster out of *******’s window. I voted the straght republican ticket for the first time in my natural born life...” KD: Maysville

“...Mi gusta la comida en El Paso...” C. Q. & EM: Juarez

“...Let the chips fall, baby...” PD: Pauls Valley

“...I was proud to see it happen. I was there at Elmore City Lake when all of you all were getting signatures for Chanda’s petition and saw how he acted then...” SDW: Pernell

“...All the press was there instead of spreading out among both wathparties. Typical. You would have thought Dallas was getting beat on Thanksgiving what with all the wailing...” DRT: Pauls Valley

“...If he tries to come back in 2012 with a better lawyer, are you gonna whip out the salsa and chips again?...” JJ: Pauls Valley

“...Call me a late thinker but I thought SB was the guy until he stood my grampa up in Stratford so he could hob knob in PV. And said it was an OSBI case!...” VOT: Stratford

“...They can blame you all as much as they want. He shot his toe off when he tried to pull a fast one over on Lindsay...” KH: Lindsay

“...You have guts and guts is enough...” PIJ: Lindsay

“...I don’t think mister man has as many suppoters over here as he thinks...” OR: Lindsay

“...Take that vote. By God, I’m from Lindsay, Oklahoma...” TG: Lindsay

"...Been reading and watching for awhile here and on FB. Here's one you might like: 'The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is. '--Winston Churchill..." LM: Oklahoma City

"...Thank you for all that you do to serve the greater good. And for, especially, helping to expose this corruption for all to see. May God Bless You!..." KY: Norman

"...score one for the good guys..." JH & G: Tulsa

"...I'm sure they all hate your stinking guts now. And when they do, they should remember that they had a chance to help Mr. Horton and they fouled it up..." BYY: San Antonio

"...I grew up in GC and thought it was really a wonderful place....hate seeing it tarnished this way by people who think they are above the law. Hopefully the push on just these 3 cases will make them realize that they are the minority...they are NOT above the law....they WILL NOT get away with the country is watching now..." JM: Antioch

"...I never paid attention until I saw you all at the courthouse on election night. I had never thought of them as pure meanness until then..." VF: Pauls Valley

"...when the results were announced, he turned white as a sheet. I mean real panic..." FF/AF: Lindsay

"...The hair on the back of my neck stood up when I heard Mr. Ogle mention your motto..." BB: Norman

Ours did too. --XI

"...Many will paint you as kooks and conspiracy theorists (as I see in a post above and heard about from a recent court hearing) but few actually recognize what went on here. A few dedicated and outraged citizens kept a stiff upper lip and systematically dismantled a sitting incumbent. My hat's off to you my friends..." AD: Oklahoma City

"...I just saw a story on News9 regarding your organization and the new sheriff. I hope he will take action and help you all get the answers and closure you are looking for in these 3 cases...." KB: Valiant

"...I am very proud of what my husband accomplishes everyday and the hard work he puts into every case he works and for that he will move on to serve under larry. If you people truely believe in god then you would know that he always takes care of things in the end and what you do wrong you will pay for in the end!..." ANON: IP **.**.***.***

"... Great Job!!! The Eleventh Commandment, I admire you for sticking your necks out!!... JG: Pauls Valley

" question is justice for the dead part of the eleventh commandment?..." BV: Maysville

No, Ma'am. The group called Justice For The Dead (whose website address is located at and our organization called, The Eleventh Commandment ( are two distinctly seperate organizations who share similar interests, certain information and lean upon one another during hard times. They have allied together and assisted one another at times including the hosting of the recent CST Symposium this past October which greatly benefitted both groups in very different ways.

JFTD was founded by Oklahoma City Attorney Jaye Mendros in cooperation with the Turner family and as their legal counsel. Their organization's efforts involve the reform of the medical examiner's office up to and including changes in state statute regarding forensic pathology and OCME organization. These efforts are designed to help the Chanda Turner case due to the ME's handling of that matter and have since encompassed a large number of other families with similar issues with the ME's office as well. We applaud and support this effort and help any way we can, when we can.

The Eleventh Commandment is a non-profit citizens action group founded in Garvin County specifically to combat issues that impact Garvin County including three unsolved murders and subsequent corruption issues. All three Garvin County cases have something to do with the ME's office and JFTD assists us when they can. Both agencies have concerns that overlap one another and both have issues seperate from the other. If you want to be involved in being a part of the ultimate solution in Oklahoma, support both groups.--XI

"...An outstanding effort befitting a man of Tom's character. Pour it to them, 11th..." PO: Antioch

"...I am torubled by the amount of violence implied in a so called 'clean campaign.' I heard you very persnally and diplomatically trying to play down the threates several times and I commend you for it, then I see a post from an evangelist on FB talking about more needed gun permits in GC. Please be careful..." SG: Pauls Valley

"...[multiple variations:] how much influence do you have over Larry? I was hoping I could get a job doing..." [paraphrase] Multiple Entries.
Please understand that The Eleventh Commandment as a group and the members seperately have absolutely no influence on Sheriff Elect Larry Rhodes whatsoever. To reiterate a statement we made weeks ago, the newly elected Sheriff made no promises to our staff or anyone else we know regarding jobs in his administration in any capacity. Rumors to the contrary appear to be contentious election related propaganda. Furthermore, no XI staff members have any plans to join the GCSO in any capacity in the foreseeable future period. XI endorsed Larry Rhodes for Sheriff and we support his administration fully. All Department related questions, especially employment related ones should be directed to the GCSO directly.--XI

"...I'm glad I lived long enough to see this perfect storm of disgust and distrust happen..." FS: Pauls Valley

"...that was awesome..."  YH: Wynnewood

"...The sheriff's office website is down. Completely down. Is this sour grapes and adminsitrative document shredding for the 21st century?..." PS: Paoli


Unknown. At the time of this writing, we had not yet confirmed the requirements, if any, for the SO's website in relation to their jail and inmate populations. We were also unable to locate any current GCSO pages of any kind online. Apparently, the GCSO website was not owned by Garvin County outright but was updated and managed offsite by others who donated the hosting to Steve Brook's administration. This arrangement, whatever it ultimately was is apparently ending with the Acting Sheriff's administration.--XI

"...This has been a long time coming. Thugs have been in charge for too long. I just recently found out that this linc I am included was my nephew's coolege room mate driving through here about three years ago. You can guess who he is referring to..." ESM: Oklahoma City

"...I admire your tenacity. Thank you for standing up for Garvin County..." VOJ: Pauls Valley

The pleasure was all ours. Garvin County is a wonderful place to be and to be from. Most of the citizens here with few exception are hard working, law abiding folks. When there are troubles, the American way takes over and differences are settled the old fashioned way, at the ballot box.--XI

"...I feel for all the families affected by the deaths of these individuals. My sympathy goes out to each and every one. I would like to say however there is at least one good deputy within this department.I have seen him work diligently to solve whatever he may be working on. Keep up the good work JK..." KW: Pauls Valley

"...Mr Brooks could seek employment at LaMar Industries or perhaps he could seek a bartending position in one of the casinos now  that LBD passed..." CM: Elmore City

"...she wouldn't say it to your face, mr. ******* while you were in the courthouse, but she hounded some of your people after you left with your prelims. (I guess you knew that already.) She thinks she owns GC. I hope this is the last election she tries to take control of. SS: Pauls Valley


"...oh, they're going to blame it all on you and call you a smart ****. But I know the suffering, fear and sacrifice you all made for something you felt was right. You just can't put a price on something like that in an election..." AJ: Lindsay

"...are slashing and burning already. They dropped their website. Wish they'd get the ***** red election signs out of my bar ditch..." SD: Elmore City

"...The former Sheriff's Department sealed their fate on December 10, 2008, by looking the other way and doing nothing. Three Strikes and your out!..." HP: Norman

"...Oh, now the commisioners want him out pronto so he doesn't spill over onto them. Should be interesting..." SP: Pauls Valley

"...That one was for Chanda..." KL: Elmore City

"...things like this make me thankful that I live in such a wonderful place. Sometimes we do get our act together..." VIV: Maysville

"...I'm overjoyed. I just can't put it into words how happy I am that their time is over..." SF: Pauls Valley

..what you've done is a good thing. Now the rest of us, the ones who were doing it right all along can finally do our jobs in peace..." MG: Pauls Valley

"...guess there may be a little jaunt soon to the beach house in Florida..." DF: Pauls Valley

"...Tom Horton was my teacher too. I voted to get rid of them all..." DT: Wynnewood

"...The Sheriff don't have time to read your stupid blog. I bet you don't have  a single entry from county on there. We have better things to do..." ANON: IP***.**.**.*

You mean like this one: --XI

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"...I voted because of Sheila..." RD: Pauls Valley

"...she was there when Chanda came in to ******* saying she knew who killed Jason and intended to tell it..." RJ: Yukon

"...Isn't it a fact that several of your members were fired from local law enforcement agencies for valid reasons, some of which could have seen charges filed against them? Also true, a member that thinks he can run from the police anytime they attempt to stop him for running a stop sign, because he is buddies with Sheriff Brooks's opponent and used to work for the local police department? I sense a lot of hurt feelings funding this, and while it is sad that these people passed away, without valid evidence killers can't be convicted, and crazy people causing chaos isn't helping a grieving family heal...." SM: Pauls Valley

Interesting new spin. You might want to check for De Novo case number CM-2010-00207 (Held 10/21/2010) and apprise yourself of the subsequent results. Thank you for taking the time to respond so frankly and for once again confirming everything The Eleventh Commandment stands for.--XI

"...I don't want any casinos or possibility of casinos here in this already god awfully corrupt county. No on Sheriff Brooks, No on Liquor by the Drink and No on every other incumbent from Garvin County who won't toe the line in this election and the next..."JH: Pauls Valley

"...Deputy ******* ordered III on all the XI members without informing OLETs. I thought you should know. They want you bad..." TG: Stratford

"...police officers (deputy sherffs) are supposed to lead by example like it or not. How can they enforce the law when they are so ammoral to begin with. Bless you all for your convictions..." FG: Maysville

"...Here's my copy of a pic from *******-fest. I heard the 'copyright infringement' argument over coffee this morning--wink. Stay the course. You've done hard work on this. Maybe we can remove him the old fashioned way. It would be the best thing for GC if we do..."  ML: Pauls Valley


"...and don't forget Jason Roberts, either..." PSA: Oklahoma City

"...I thought he had something to hide long ago. I never thought it would be this. How can that meny people in one county be so blind?..." AA: Elmore City
"...I know you don't post very many of the things here. I know because I seen ***** and them sending all that from the ****** using anonymouse and I seen what it says. They say that crap because they're scared they're going to lose their jobs. They're blaming it all on you..." T: Paoli

"...I commend you people for sticking your necks out so far. Just watch they don't get chopped off. I'm going to vote down Brooks not just because what I now know about him but because of the staff he tends to surround himself with and their behavior..." SM: Pauls Valley

" sign stealing intruder was a female Sasquatch. Cute one with a facebook page..." CV: Wynnewood

"...I never could keep a Rhodes sign in my yard due to gremlins or weather or ahem, 'something'. I hear tell that ya'll got some video of a sign stealing Sasquatch like creature..." VS: Pauls Valley

All media that comes in to the XI website goes through a confirmation and authentication process before release so we cannot confirm or deny that any entity came and removed any Rhodes for Sheriff signs. What we can say is that it appears that they lost their hat.--XI


Dear 11th Commandment. I drove by and saw your vigil the other night over on Grant and wondered why you chose that location. Here is a pic of the "courthouse" where all matters of law are settked where you should have had it. You can see the obvious need for some candles..." SG: Pauls Valley...”


"...Nice Jack O' Lantern. LOL. You should have given out packets of salsa for halloween..." DB: Wynnewood


"...Before he started nuzzling the current crowd when he ran out of bread and credibility, he had things like this on his FB page. A man's got to have his priorities don't he?. P.S. Whatever you do, don't sit on the upstairs couch cushions in the courthouse. Trust me on this one..." PK: Pauls Valley


"...A man is known by his enemies as well as his friends. He lost my vote because of that second part..." IDA: Pauls Valley

"...I'm patiently waiting. My whole church is going to go all at once. **FLUSH**..." WER: Paoli

"...Wouldn't debate. Wouldn't work a case unless he was asked. Wouldn't explain himself. Wouldn't answer questions. Threatened the papers, threatened the churches. There's a word for people like that. It's ********...." DRK: Pauls Valley

"...We all know how those particular lawyers  feel about him. How about the opinions of some men who did it right. This was also published in the Democrat..." WER: Pauls Valley


"...Wow. So ****** Stratford? Real nice fella. We are still in Garvin County, I believe..." SAS: Stratford

"...You have to understand the lingo, people. Murder = 'suicide'. A deputy swiping signs or horizontal on the courthouse furniture is 'extended training.' An 'OSBI case' means 'I have to attend a bean supper with my people who are paying for my swag and all my bills'..." GLF: Stratford

"...It would certainly explain the lack of mail to the POB in WW, wouldn't it.?..." OIG-D: Oklahoma City

"...Wasn't so neutral on solving a murder when there was campaign money involved. Was he?..." AGL: Maysville

"...neutal on LBD? He wasn't so neutral when he threatened to have a tax stamp revoked..." K: Wynnewood

"...I for one will have my chips ready when that jar of salsa gets opened..." FRD: Pauls Valley

"...The demo is running an ad that says NO CRIMINAL RECORD AT ALL. <. sent from Iphone..." SAC: Pauls Valley

" criminal record AT ALL?..." KC: Pauls Valley

"...(Please post on your blog) To the voters of Garvin County: Please join me in ridding our county of an issue which has gone on entirely too long and a sheriff which has overstayed his welcome. If justice was going to come to our cities and to the people whose loved ones were forgotten, it would have already. Don't be fooled. We've all seen the truth. Now let's do something about it..." HT & MT: Pauls Valley

"...I'm sending you this photo which has come to my facebook and my e-mail about ten times now. I've thought long and hard about this and read your blog many times. I guess it boils down to this: Do we really want eleven more years of this?..." PO: Pauls Valley


We absolutely do not. The families of Chanda Turner, Sheila Deviney and Tom Horton who have been without justice, closure or answers for up to a decade as well as others like Heather Adkins think that's eleven too many. We were thinking something along the lines of this: (Thank you ASW for the pic!) --XI


" to remain neutral per state laws huh? Where was the neutrality when clerk and commisioner were all out on the boulevard back slapping and carrying on?..." SS: Pauls Valley

"...Mojo Risin'..." DAG: Oklahoma City

L.A. Woman--XI

"...I wouldn't be worried except I saw the survey crew and asked them what they were shooting for and they told me an indian casino..." HG: Lindsay

"...It being the Halloween season and all, I thought you might like to know that Brook is the Sheriff because he knows which closet has the skeletons hanging in it..." DAW: Pauls Valley

“...said you had the folders. When are you going to mail out a packet to us? We're dying to read about Brook's criminal record..." PM: Pauls Valley

Although true to our mission to 'scour the streets for all lawful information' we do not, have not and will not mail, deliver,broadcast or set forth any so called 'folders' or 'flyers' in regard to acting Sheriff Steve Brook's alleged non-expunged criminal past. Although this issue of flyers has been a contentious campaign issue for quite awhile, it is both unethical from our point of view as alleged and in any case, contrary to our mission statement and bylaws. It is also illegal per the State of Oklahoma 21 OS 70 S: 1840 which reads in part:

A. It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, corporation, partnership, organization, or  association to cause to be broadcast, written, printed, posted, or distributed a  statement, circular, poster, or advertisement which is designed to influence the voters on the  nomination or election of a candidate or to influence the voters on any constitutional or  statutory amendment or on any other issue in a state, county, city, or school district election,  or to influence the vote of any member of the  Legislature, unless there appears in a  conspicuous place upon such circular, poster, or advertisement, or within a broadcast  statement, either the name and address of the person who paid for the communication if an  individual, or the name and address of the president, chairman, or secretary, or of two  officers of the organization, if an organization which paid for the communication.  Persons violating this act shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.

In that same vein however, The Eleventh Commandment has, through commonly accepted legal channels including public record, the Oklahoma Open Records Act, The Texas Open Records Act and the Freedom of Information Act have confirmed and disseminated to the media and the pertinent authorities certain facts and information. These confirmed incidences and events with regard to Acting Sheriff Steve Brooks' background and suitabillity for office fundamentally differ from that which he and his campaign are currently claiming. More on this issue is forthcoming as it becomes availible.

 This effort is ongoing and quite labor intensive in that it involves material in several states. It is also being performed in the spirit of transparency and full disclosure with the knowledge that certain groups have made overtures with regard to civil action. As always, we support the truth in all matters and wish for all Garvin County voters to have the best possible information on candidates. Thank you for supporting the Eleventh Commandment. 'Thou shalt not get away with it.' --XI

"...This is the first election that is going to be easy for me. You got a crook sheriff and his crook deputies being held up by the crook attorneys and crook paper on one hand who couldn't solve a murder if it happened in front of them. On the other, you have a real cop who has the ***** to actually stand on an issue and pledge his support. That's an easy vote, pardner..." CB: Maysville

"...Sherriff Brooks stands for whatever issue ******** and ********** pay him to say and tell him to stand for..." EC & LC: Pauls Valley

"...The current High Sheriff must have an escape hatch built in to his office. I read where he sncuk out the back when a reporter was trying to pin him down. Now he checked out when I tried to get a straight answer about LBD..."

"...anything you need me to do just ask and i will try and get it done lots of luck to you guys you all are in our prays every day and night..." SG: Pauls Valley

"...I started thinking, that I would certainly want someone to stand up for me if I was found dead like that..." LJ: Stratford

"...thank you for keeping hope alive for so many. Don't let up..." HE: Purcell

"...I cannot wait for the other shoe to drop..." RM: Pauls Valley

"...Please bring another wanted poster to ********* in Lindsay. I didn't know the whole story. I do now..." C: Lindsay

"...God bless the Devineys. I knew Sheila and I know she is smiling about what is about to happen now..." JH: Maysville

"...Please don't forget Heather..." RIT: Pauls Valley

"...I will mot vote for a man who threatens churches, threatens newspapers and threatens peiople..." WE: Maysville

"...I just wanted to let you know that I read this for comedy relief! You are such a joke! Grow up and move on. Get a life!..." ANON IP **.***.**.*

Then may you have laughter all the rest of your days and never feel the pain of losing a loved one to violence.--XI

"...So how was the catfish?..." OO: Hennepin

"...I attended the rally at the Higer Ground. I was speechless. Thank you all for taking on this cause. I have never been so angry and so glad at the same time..." SD: Pauls Valley

"...Your website says you receive these in real time so be advised that Deputy ********** is enroute behind some of you all to OKC. He blew by me pretty frothed up. Please be careful. I'm at exit ****** northbound near the **** ^. Sent from iphone..." RDM: Purcell

Thank you for the tip. Several interested parties informed us about that particular deputy as well as some of his colleagues out of their jurisdiction questionably using the county's resources. It is our understanding that they were preemptively papering the media world with correspondence threatening civil action. Like this one: --XI


"...I was moved to tears to see the videos played at Higher Ground. Knowing that the pastor played them under threats was even more of a shock. Hats off to Pastor Joel and Andy. I'm changing churches..." CV: Pauls Valley

The Eleventh Commandment and as well as the families of Chanda Turner, Sheila Deviney and Tom Horton and all of Garvin County for that matter owe a big thank you and a hearty handshake to Higher Ground Pastor Joel, Associate Pastor Andy and their families for their interest, assistance and intestinal fortitude. For those that may be interested in such matters, the U.S. Tax code, section 501 is availible for inspection any time at --XI


"...Didn't they have a television program about this in the 70's? I think they changed the name in that to Hazzard County to keep from getting sued..." BGG: Asheboro

"...stupid is as stupid does. Corrupt is as corrupt does..." K: Paoli

"....If they hadn't already screwed up, I think they did when they threatened to yank the tax status of a church. I knew they were bullies, but that crossed a line for me..." PH: Pauls Valley

"...Any man who threatens a minister can't call himself a man..." DD: Pauls Valley

"...Tom Horton's video fired me up. I'll see you all at the conference..." SYF: Pauls Valley

"...See you at the rally..." EEE: Elmore City

"....and he still lives in Pauls Valley. Like I said, I don't know if he was actually involved but ******** may have told him what really happened that night... IEK: Pauls Valley

"...I thought you might find these photos handy that, I "borrowed" from a S.Brooks supporter on my FB that were taken at the support S.Brooks even last week.  These are these pics of ***************, ************* 's Mom, (Chandas Boyfriend, I know you know the name) she is an avid Steve supporter.  OF COURSE!!!..." ANON IP ***.**.**.***



"...Heard your plight on the Lori Roth show tonight. I hope you get the help you need..." TJL: Los Angeles

"...Those videos struck a chord with me. ANyone who isn't outraged after hearing the two little girls and a brother singing for his sis and watching what went on in WYnnewood has got to living on a different universe than the rest of us... SO: Purcell

"...You all did well on the radio show tonight. I'm proud of you for sticking to your guns on this mess..." PT: Maysville

"...I heard someone on one of radio shows saying that Heather Adkins dued in Longmire lake but it was old PV LakeYou now how they are about technicalities... DW: Pauls Valley

Good catch. Sure enough, Heather Adkins 36, one of the last persons to see Chanda Turner alive was found dead at Pauls Valley Lake. Thanks for taking the time to support The Eleventh Commandment.--XI

"...Nice video for Tom. It was so awesome, I think it caused an earthquake..." JJC: Pauls Valley

"...If you are all still alive after next week, I want to join up. ;-# LOL All my best and prayers..." KJ: Pauls Valley

"...Wonder if ole 'intoxicated and passed out' woke up during the earthquake?..." DA: Elmore City

"...If Sheriff Brooks would spend as much time trying to solve murders within his jurisdiction as he does tormenting his ex-employees with his sinister sign placements, ten commandments would be enough..." WD: Wynnewood

"...I spoke with Judge Blalock and Dan (husband) about their "substancial holdings in PVNB", and come to find out is the only "holding" was the PVNBs' mortage on their home..." CE: Pauls Valley

"...Ain't had a ticket since 1976 until I put on that bumper sticker and now I have a pile..." NB: Hennepin

"...Good old boy politics at it's finest. The Paoli cop was riding around with a Brooks sticker on the city's police cruiser. Real professional..." DOB: Purcell

"...Those videos are top notch. I hope you all blow the lid off this whole stinking mob of rats..." PW: Paoli

"...By the looks of things, this goes deeper than a botched police investigation..." ST: Wynnewood

"...I was blown away, literally from watching that video. My heart goies out to those families, not just for their loss but for the apathetic attitude displayed by the law enforcement. Truly sad..." GG: Pauls Valley

"...If you want to get away with a murder, do it in Garvin County..." PL: Pauls Valley

"...Has it not occurred to you yet how someone can get by with burning a girl to death in her front room?..." BS/RS: Pauls Valley

"...All the BIG SHOTS in PV back him because they dont want their dirty laundry or families dirty laundry aired bc Steve has helped them cover things up!!!!!!!!WE NEED A CHANGE!..." JS: Pauls Valley

"...If you can think it up, they've done it in Garvin County. It's not just if you want to get away with it, it's how much can you afford to pay to get away with?..." WE: Pauls Valley

"...My God, it never ends. Some of this is as bad as a cheap hollywood movie. What's next, them hiding money in mason jars in their front yard?..." FF: Heavener

"...I cried out loud like a baby when I watched that video of Chanda Turner even though I didn't know her and never met her. She was such a beautiful woman and I can't take the fact that she was so brutalized and the powers that be intentionally let someone get away with it...." H: Maysville

"...For $205 grand per year, they can't find someone who has all their marbles?..." DE: Pauls Valley

"...Where did you obtain that information. Gossip? Don't say it unless you can back it up. Something sinister about the judge and jury foreman ? Kirk Dunham is a fine man who serves untiringly in our community, and to many is beyond reproach. Who did you think should have been foreman ? Joe ***** ? These were the two that the judge had to pick from. I personally know Joe and he also is a good and capable man, but Kirk had been the mayor for many years, president of numerous civic organizations, and a community leader. The jury foreman has to be one that can lead and direct other jurist. Kirk was a foreman that took his duties as being extremely responsible and important... CE: Pauls Valley

"...RU saying he drove that far without ever stopping at 7-11 for gas or to go bathroom? Did he just leave the bod in the back while he went in to get the restroom key and some nacho cheese bugles?...BE: Pauls Valley

"...I heard that one Colorado ME talking on that crimeblog show about there being only a few hundred pathologists in the country. How many are there that haven't let strippers into the cooler or drove a body around in their pickup, I wonder?..." WE: Pauls Valley

"...Yep. When I saw the cast of characters at the end of that street, I knew for sure who I was going to vote for..." JW: Pauls Valley

"...Count me in..." BY: Wynnewood

"...I'm looking forward the the conference. Time we took back Garvin County. Don't let up, not for a second..." BC: Maysville

"...My lord that video on Chanda has a powerful message. I started to cry 16 seconds into it. Whoever made that really put their heart into it. I hope the punk who shot her sees it over and over in his dreams..."

The author of that moving video is certainly brilliant and assures the Turner Family it was an honor to do. (See the mission page for the embedded video.) Check out the rest of the latest behind the scenes on the Chanda Turner case as well as the video at --XI

"...That video on Chanda is beautiful but I'm so mad after watching it. How things could be that obvious and nothing done is beyond me..." SH: Elmore City

"...I seen the browns uniform deputies cross a 4 wire fence to take out a Rhodes sign but noone wants to enforce the Brooks signige on county property..." DM & SM: Stratford

"...Santeria. Not voodoo. She's from the Dominican Republic. Rouseau St George Parish..." SIC: Oklahoma City

"...Well of course he's going to support Sheriff Brooks. If he supports the other guy, his wife's bouncing baby boy might go to prison. And he couldn't have that..." LL: Pauls Valley

"...Seems odd to me that he was so interested in bulldozing the trailer before the funeral was planned. Maybe his plan dodn't go so well. His couldn't even get a fire to go right..." PO: Lindsay

"...Every one of those ******* of ********* are going to remember the name Chanda Turner for the rest of their lives..." YM: Hennepin

"...I think Sheriff B refused a debate is because he's an embarrassment. He and his whole staff of thugs are an embarrssment to the whole county..." JW: Bray

"...Steve Brooks refused a debate because he don't want people to know he didn't lift a finger to solve a cut and dried homicide. It don't matter how it's classified in Garvin County. It's either throw the book at them or for a specified sum, forget there's a book at all. Nothing in between..." GD: Maysville

"...Sheila was burnt to death in her front room. Nobody's done a thing but they want my vote?..." FS: Maysville

"...It's '4:20' across the street from the high school nearly every day. Been that way for over three years. Do we have to wait for the stoners to beat one another to death in the street for the cops to come bust it?..." AG: Wynnewood

"...Please be careful. You've really ******** off the wrong people..." CY: Pauls Valley

"...Well the overall property values over here on *********** street just took a nose dive. But I guess the dope got cheaper..." CM: Wynnewood

"...I've been calling in about this drug house for four years so I figured if I want to get some deputies over there, all I have to do is plant a bunch of ******* campaign signs in the yard and they'll be all over it. Maybe while they're stuffing stigns, they'll cuff and stuff a doper or three..." Anon: Stratford

"...***** tore down one of your posters. Come to think of it, ****** tore down one of the last ones on this same window years ago. Maybe this new guy, this Rhodes will clean things up. This was in broad daylight..." JO: Lindsay

"...I don't think his arms were long enough to do that. I should know because ****** gave me some of his shirts and they were too short on me and I couldn't do it. What a load..." GI: Pauls Valley

"...I don't pretend to know exactly what it was supposed to have meant, but it was a fresh chicken wing tied with fishing line or string. Tied to hang straight down. Like a warning..." EEE: Maysville

"...First, I thought he was a meter reader then I realized it was a weekend. When the alarm went, he slid off and cursed, I knew he was a burglar. I was going to call the police when I realized who he was and he just walked away. It's really a sad story..." LW: Wynnewood

"...You weren't kidding. G'day from Victoria and thanks for the tell at the Oklahoma State Fairground. Live through this mate and we'll have a plonk and tell those oxygen thieves to go spit..."  TI: Melbourne

We had a great response at the fair, in more ways than one. Thanks for the message. You've officially made the Eleventh Commandment website go international.--XI

"...It's a poor state of affairs when things have come down to this, but I think you folks are doing the right things. God be with you..." AW: Elmore City

"...I seem to remember there was an issue with the number of signatures required for a grand jury. I got that from reading the news stories. Was there ever a final outcome on that issue?..." JL: Wynnewood

Sadly, no. Over a year after the Tom Horton Grand Jury  was convened, there does not exist a straight answer as to the appropriate way to interpret the Oklahoma Constitution in regard to a Grand Jury by petition. When the Horton petitioners were stonewalled by the Garvin County Election Board in August of 2009, their attorney of record, Mr. Balcerak made a very astute and straight forward interpretation of the law which had served him and Garvin County well in two previous Grand Juries before the same District Judge. The election board, via their attorneys at the state office made a second, fundamentally different interpretation which resulted in the necessity to obtain over three times the number of signatures as in the last two Grand Juries. A writ of Mandamus to the Oklahoma Supreme Court filed by the petitioners for absolute interpretation was refused by Chief Justice Edmondson, the Attorney General's brother. The petitioners had no choice but to scour Garvin County for signatures which they did. Two thousand, seven hundred and thirty nine total signatures were delivered.
Following the events of the Grand Jury, and after months of lobbying for assistance, District 22 Representative Wes Hilliard sponsored a formal question of law to Attorney General Drew Edmondson for clarification. Mr. Edmondson's office stalled for some time and then refused to give a formal answer, issueing only a 'plain reading' by ADA Karl Kramer in September of 2010. The plain reading indicates yet a third scenario for determining registered voter numbers.

Oklahoma is one of only six remaining states which possess the Grand Jury provision for use by the people and it is a powerful tool for oversight when used properly. The Eleventh Commandment feels strongly about the ultimate interpretation of the pertinent laws and will continue to request clarification from the current Attorney General and his successor following the Nov 2nd general election until the matter is settled. --XI


"...I wonder if Chanda Turner would have been sent to death row if ************* was the one shot to death and laid out on the front lawn instead of her? You can bet ******** wouldn't have let that one go..." ARV: Pauls Valley

"...Seems to me old Stevie Boy is alot like General Custer. Full of himself until he looked out and realized there were alot more injuns in that valley than he had planned on..." TC: Elmore City

"...You hang the wrong campaign sign on your property and you're liable to get a ticket on the way back home or worse. It's a ******shame that we have men like that running things in Garvin County..." BV: Stratford

"...Your signs are coming down mostly because people are afraid. Afraid that ********** will throw a brick through their window or afraid that ******** will harass them. Some people even think that ******** is into witchcraft and will put a hex on their business. People have to make a living..." OT: Lindsay

"...I can't believe that ******* schools would allow a man like that around their students..." PP: Lindsay

"...I seen ********* driving Tom's old Dodge at ***** in the afternoon that day. Wasn't that the time he was supposed to be qoute intoxicated and passed out? unqoute..." JS: Wynnewood

"...Mr. Tom signed my son's 1992 annual and that writing looks nothing like the note either..."  DP: Pauls Valley

"...What's the status of the Sheila Deviney's tissue samples? I would like to donate to any fund which might be availible to continue to keep them safe for her..." PO: Longview

Sheila Deviney's tissue samples, taken during her January, 2004 autopsy are currently stored at the Oklahoma City office of the Office of Chief Medical Examiner and the fees for storage have been paid in full for two years. As of this writing, that office has given the Deviney family an ultimatum that indicates that they will no longer store and ultimately destroy or return the specimens in question following September 20th 2012. Follow that story here: --XI

"...Is there any justice in Garvin County?..." PW: Elmore City

"...I was horrified to hear that the DA's staff refused to allow the first analysis of the handwriting into evidence. Doesn't that sound a bit like it was intentionally steered a certain way?..."  S: Fort Worth

"...The handwriting on my get well card from **** and the handwriting on the letter Tom Horton last sent to me and dated ********** doesn't look a ***** thing like the suicide note the news channel keeps showing..." UY: Coppell

"...I took these photos while on vacation when we were diverted off I-35 into Pauls Valley in August of 2009. I didn't fully understand what was going on then, but I do now. I hope you find the person who shot that man. People like you make me proud to be an American..." GH & FH: Houston


Thank you very much. The petitioners sweltering in the heat that day remember your kindness.--XI

"...Give em hell, 11th Commandment..."  FF: Lindsay

"...You act as though Brooks failed you. How can you expect him to be responsible for things that didn't happen when he worked there? Steve Brooks was not the Sheriff then when Chanda Turner was killed and had nothing whatsoever to do with her case being in the mess it is. Why would he investigate crimes from ten years ago?..." RW: Pauls Valley

While we certainly appreciate your writing to The Eleventh Commandment with your opinions and concerns, please allow us to set you straight with regard to Steve Brooks and his relationship with unsolved homicides in this county.
Steve Brooks did in fact work for the Garvin County Sheriff's office in July of 2000 when Chanda Turner was shot and died at her residence on Klondike Road. As the crime scene log below clearly shows, Steve Brooks, as a commisioned deputy, entered and left the inner perimeter of the crime scene twice during that incident--

--Furthermore, Brooks was later the Undersheriff of Garvin County for seven years during the period when the Turner family was initially doing their level best to find the truth in relation to Chanda's case.

Finally, after being appointed as acting Sheriff by the Garvin County Commisioners on June 1st, 2009 (more than 15 months ago as of this writing) Acting Sheriff Brooks has admitted to doing nothing whatsoever to investigate any aspect of the Chanda Turner case, the 2004 Sheila Deviney case or the 2008 Tom Horton case going so far as to indicate the reason he has not was that no family member 'asked him' to.
As a matter of fact, Steve Brooks helped to further complicate the Chanda Turner case in May of 2010 when the Medical Examiner's office consulted with his office with regard to reopening the case following Chanda's exhumation and autopsy by pathologists Trant and Bux. Acting Sheriff Brooks and his staff actually recommended that her case remain classified a suicide despite pending evidence to the contrary.

See this article in the Daily Oklahoman for more on that event:

Additionally, Acting Sheriff Brooks has done nothing whatsoever to close, solve, clear, actively investigate or explore the Sheila Deviney case, even though it has been classified as a murder on her death certificate, an ME's report, a Fire Marshal's report, a LPG inspector's report and a Grand Jury report. In fact, Acting Sheriff Brooks refused to re-nominate that case for a continued $5,000 dollar OSBI reward despite that classification. Given that there is no statute of limitations for murder in the State of Oklahoma it would appear that Steve Brooks, the appointed chief law enforcement officer in Garvin County has failed.--XI

"...Despite what them little grey heads in the paper say, I think Garvin County IS broke and I know how to fix it..." MN: Maysville

"...Instead of taking out an ad to tell me their Sheriff is good, why don't these deputies prove it to me by bringing my tools back that these idiot dopers took..." GF: Stratford

"...Tishomingo, Oklahoma supports you. We've had a little dose of that kind of crap ourselves..." SD: Tishomingo

"...What one does, one becomes. That's why Garvin County is the way it is..." BJ: Pauls Valley

"...THAT was the debate? Are you ******* me?.." AE: Wynnewood

"...Please accept this donation to put a reward up in the Tom Horton case as well. It's not much but I know there are others that would follow suit. Fifty thou buys a hell of alot of heroin and whiskey. Somebody will come for it..."  BAN: San Antonio

"...Thanks for the bracelets and the information you gave us at the Wiley Post festival. We spread the word back home in Wyandotte. I think we’ll wait until after November to relocate for sure. Please keep us informed on how the election goes…" PL & RL: Wyandotte

"...I seen that $50,000 dollar reward all the way over here in Holdenville. You might check over at ******* oil. ORT: Wetumka..."

"...Lizard King..."

Morrison Hotel--XI

"...Forget the money. Follow the trail of lawyers..." FB: Oklahoma City

"...I’m gonna pray for you all. You are either the dumbest folks ever or you have the biggest set of brass ones I ever seen in my life..." MM: Paoli

"...Fatboy is the fall guy. Even he ain’t smart enuff to know that..." PC: Pauls Valley

"...You might get somewhere but as long as folks are terrified of what ****** might do back, nobody will come forward. You should smarten up and do the same..." HIJ: Blanchard

"...I wish I had said thjis before. ***** ***** shot Chanda Turner and there ain’t too ways about it..." T: Pauls Valley

"...Oh, they'll sack up a doper and throw the book at him after he commits his 360th crime when all eyes are on them, but a taxpaying citizen gets blown away in his house and they act like three monkeys, didn't see nothing didn't hear nothing and didn't say nothing. Mister Moore is going to have to run for reelection too..." GB & BB: Wynnewood

"...Keep digging. If you don’t already know, you’ll know soon enough why there ain’t gonna be no Sheriff debate. Not in this county..." LB: Pauls Valley

"...Sure lots of traffic lately over by the tabletops. Mostly at night. You suppose that much hog hunting is going on in Foster, America?.." FF: Lindsay

"...I just want you to know that not all of Sheriff B’s people are for his being relected. Some of us just have to work to feed our kids. We have to turn our heads at some of the things that happen around here..." ANON: Pauls Valley

"...HEY! I think there is a murder happened one block north Tom Horton's house on Indianola street in WW. Between Tailor and Carr. Looks to be at **** ********* house..." HG: Wynnewood

A murder has in fact occurred in Wynnewood and is being actively investigated by the Wynnewood PD, the Garvin County Sheriff's Office and the OSBI. We are thankful that these agencies learned from previous mistakes made in the Tom Horton death and are working dilligently to bring an in depth investigation and hopefully a judicious conclusion to the matter. We hope that when they have concluded, they will bring the same level of competence back to the Tom Horton issue.--XI

SEE NEWS LINKS:,0,3081982.story,0,3081982.story

"...For someone who is trying to sound different from Rhodes, that Brooks sure does copycat him alot. He acts more like he's running for class presisent than the Sheriff of a county. He lost my vote when he refused a debate. That's weak..." TH: Norman

...You want to off somebody, do it in Garvin County..." OIG: Pauls Valley

"...Sheriff, I'll ask you point blank. Will yu please get off your hind end and do your job about these death cases? For the love of pete, corral your deputies and enforce the law!..." SS: Pauls Valley

"...I seen ******* ********* tearing down ya'lls posters in PV and his good pal ***** ******** tearing out Rhodes signs. His daddy has two Sheriff Brooks posters on his front glass. That's real professional..." PO: Pauls Valley

"...I'm sorry I waited so long to tell you. Maybe if I had acted sooner, who knows what might have been different..." GH: Augusta

"...I live in Ark. but would help do anything I could to get the word out,about Ok.and the justice for everyone!..." DE: Coal Hill

"...A shiny penny says the ME don't have them samples anyway..." WB: Elmore City

"...I'll ask right now: Hey Sheriff, can you please help out here in Maysville? A girl got knocked in the head and burnt alive in her kitchen. We're pretty sure who done it and where you can find 'em. Sincerely:..." AD: Maysville

"...My prayers are with you all. Don't give up the fight..." LM: Lindsay

"...What you're doing is the right thing. I stand up for you 100%..."  BB: Carnegie

"...I thought they were kidding me. There are still places like this in the world..." FS: Tulsa

"...Hi from Memphis..." SD: Memphis

“...Thanks for the info at the State Fair. I've very impressed by your site. Please do take me up on my offer..." DFP: Oklahoma City

"...Shhhhh. Be vewwy vewwy quiet, I'm whistening for citizens asking me foh assitance. Haahahahaha.." TY: Stratford

"...Give it up. Just do like they say on the sallsa commercial. GET A ROPE..." RY: Stratford

"...What exactly constitutes 'asking' for help from the Sheriff? Does laying there dead with your stiff fingers pointing 'that away' count?... PD: Lindsay

"...If you want to get away with murder, move here and do it in Garvin County. Simple..." WD: Lindsay

"...Anybody believes Steve Brooks is going to do a damned thing about those three 'unsolvable' cases has got another thing coming. Corruption is what makes this county go, people. Wisen up..." JK: Wynnewood

"...Now how come that Sheriff always looks so RED everytime he gets around those people in the BLUE?..." CC: Pauls Valley

"...I'll pony up for that storgae fee..." SS: Wynnewood

"...Would the Sheriff have worked faster on this case if ya'll would have given him a better campaign contribution? Shoulda spent some of the $65,000 on Stevie's relection now he's gonna be remembering this..." OP: Lawton

"...You mean all those poor people had to do was to just ask the Sheriff to solve those murders and he would have been right on it? Well gall dang!..." GOG: Lindsay

"...So we have to ASK the Sheriff now to do his job? How do we do that? Call up the S.O. on the telephone or just leave an envelop with suggestions taped to the cattleguard?..." FTR: Pauls Valley

"...I'll pay that hundred dollars. Nephew's got a trackhoe and I'll pay for any holes that need dug as well..." FG: Hennepin

Thank you all for your comments and keep the message going. Stay informed. Get active in your community. Support THE ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT. They're going to try it, that's what they do. But THOU SHALT NOT GET AWAY WITH IT...--XI

"...I registered to vote today. So I could tell the corrupt people in charge that Chanda Turner was a friend of mine..." CAC: Elmore City

"...Those people live in my neighborhood! Surrounded by BROOKS FOR SHERIFF signs. I'm moving..." BF: Lindsay

"...I ain't gonna vote for no man who grows a cowboy hat out of his head come election time and who says he's gonna wait one minute to catch someone who burnt a girl up..." GT: Erin Springs

"...Now the paper just had an article on how happy they was that a new ME offiice was going in in Edmond next to USO. Are they planning to build a huge storage building for body parts to finance it? I mean this is unreal..." PP: Maysville

"...How do I join? That is the damndest thing I ever heard yet..." CG: Katie

"...Did they charge for storing the gun from the Chanda Turner crime scene? Oh wait, where is that thing..." CT: Elmore City

"...30,000 samples a year? How many folks are taking dirt naps in OK? Don't that sound somewhat excessive?" D:Wynnewood

"...Has anyone given any thought to putting down the newspapers filled with all this violent BS and putting in a call to the FBI? How many suicides are we gonna have here before we decide enough is enough?..." PJD: Pauls Valley

"...Good one, Sheirrif Brooks. Wait til election time to blackmail everyone into thinking you're gonna do something. If you win, then seven more years of the same. If you lose, let me guess, you send all the evidence files through the shredder on your way out the back door..." ANON: IP ***.**.***.**

"...How much did they charge for that missing leg Dr. Chai Choi ended up with?..." ANON: IP: ***.**.***.*

"...Miss Cherokee said 30,000 samples times a hundred bucks per. That equals 3 million. Annually. For that kind of bread, don't you think they could hire a pathologist who speaks english as a first language?.." DD: Oklahoma City

"...My daughter was going into fourth grade when Chanda Turner was killed. Now she is grown, in college and has a daughter of her own. I can't imagine what I would feel if I lost her to some piece of filth like ******* ********. This story about the ME's office charging people for storing bodies has got me so livid I just want to scream. I want to get involved. How can I help?..." PES: Elmore City

The number one thing we need all across Garvin County is the word out that we are here to stay and not going away and those that killed our friends and loved ones are going to answer for their deeds. We also have plenty of work for those willing to volunteer and we have the matter of our upcoming conference. Stay tuned.--XI

"...Why do they charge money for a casse that is considered open? I smell a rat..." TD: Pauls Valley

Thank you all for following our movement and for your input. Keep in mind that Steve Brooks is the appointed and acting Sheriff until at least the election on November 2nd and is thus due all the respect afforded that position from our organization and from all citizens of Garvin County. Information is pouring in but the wheels of justice move slowly even in the best of times. Please spread the word and continue your support of THE ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT.--XI

"...Seven years. That's a damned shame..." AG: Purcell

"...I don't know about ****** or *** or ******* ******* but we were certainly listening up here!.." HD: Blanchard

"...I been following your stories since May and that one last night was amazing. I think you're making a difference. I want to help in any way I can..." TC: Erin Springs

"...Oklahoma is NOT okay. Give 'em hell..." GF & EF: Lindsay

"...Be safe. You're being watched..." Anon:Pauls Valley

"...FYI, the OSBI director is appointed by a commision made up of seven members, four of which by law are regular citizens. One must be a police chief, one must be a district attorney and one must be an elected Sheriff. The governor appoints the commision members and can only remove them by cause. Hope that helps..." GRG: Bethany

"...I don't want the reward money. I want to be able to sleep at night knowing I did the right thing when I had the chance..." DP: Davis

"...Don't kid yourself, Devineys, Steve Brooks as the Undersheriff and now Sheriff knew, has known and does know exactly where you live and who burnt your daughter and what to do about it now. This makes me sick to death..." G: Maysville

"...Good Lord. A hiundred bucks to store tissue samples? Is that price by the pound because I would love to carve a pound of flesh my self in *** **** *** of these good old boy boss hog types... SS: Pauls Valley

"...I heard you all on this crimeblog last night and all I can say is wow. I had no idea what to make of this whole deal until now. I thought you were being smarta**es but I've changed my mind. I can not in good conscious vote for Steve Brooks..." BV: Pauls Valley

"...Been a long time coming. Time for a change in Garvin County..."  EG & AG:Lindsay

We agree. Enough is enough. Instead of new cards, let's change the whole deck.--XI

"...Do you post every message you recieve here on this feedback page?..." SD: Maysville

Certainly not. The messages posted here are a subset of those that give a well rounded view of what we are about and what the community at large feels about our efforts. Many messages, due to their evidentiary value are kept confidential as well as those from persons who ask us not to use them or who fear for possible retaliation. Others are pointedly insulting, obscene or incomplete so as to make them unsuitable to post here. Feel free to contact us by fax, phone, e-mail, snail-mail or in person.--XI

"...Did my ears fail me or did the 25 news qoute Sheriff Brooks as saying he would look into the Sheila Deviney case 'if asked'. What the **** **** is he watin on?..."  P: Paoli

I believe you heard correctly. See the KOKH news clip  you are referring to on our latest news page. We are uncertain as to which endeavors Sheila Deviney's family undertook with relation to law enforcement that did not constitute 'asking for assistance' anytime since January 6th, 2004. Acting Sheriff Brooks did clarify to XI members in person that he had been in contact with the OSBI to obtain the status of the case and indicated that he would 'look into' certain aspects of that case and others following his November 2nd re-election so as not to 'appear politically motivated.' We certainly do not share his priorities on the timeline of Sheila Deviney's case as it is certainly not growing any warmer.--XI

"...Just want you guys to know you have our full support. Our prayers are with all the families involved that they find justice for their loved ones..." T & A: Pauls Valley

Thank you. Our organization could not and would not exist without the warm support and kind assistance of our friends in Garvin County.--XI

"...Is it true that [ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT MEMBER] ******* ***** is going to work for RHodes if he wins the election?..." BB: Pauls Valley

That is not true and most likely a tall tale told during election time. The extent of the relationship between Larry Rhodes, candidate for Garvin County Sheriff and THE ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT, a non-profit, non-partisan political action group is that Mr. Rhodes has explained to us his platform which includes the fact that he has pledged to reopen and actively investigate the unsolved homicides here in Garvin County; including those mentioned on this site. Subsequently, our organization wholeheartedly supports and endorses Larry Rhode's campaign. We do not campaign for him (nor against his opponent, acting Sheriff Brooks) and he has not promised us, or anyone as far as we know, jobs in his potential administration.--XI

"...Are the reward posters all gone? I saw some in PV. I wanted to hang one at my place here in Lindsay and I also have some folks at Foster and Erin Springs who want to hang them as well. They told me a couple of particular individuals kept tearing down the Deveiny's originals ones back a few years ago..." KF: Lindsay

We still have plenty and we'll be to you ASAP. We took a short hiatus because of all the rains so we wouldn't have soggy posters. Thanks for the support.--XI

"...I would like to pray for your members and their families..."  EM: Elmore City

By all means go right ahead. We need all the help we can possibly get.--XI

"...Do ya have any yard signs? ****** ******** keeps taking mine and threatened to **** ** *** * ***** for putting a new one out in my yard..." LD:Stratford

Unfortuneately no, we don't have yard signs. So far, we have bracelets, business cards and reward posters. XI t-shirts and caps are on the way as well as other methods to support The Eleventh Commandment--XI

"...I would like a reward poster for my shop. The story Sheriff Brooks told me 15 minutes after I left your booth at the Maysville Fair was completely different..." FF: Maysville

Thank you for your help. A poster will be there ASAP.--XI

"...Mr **** your a joke, u nut job..." Anonymous: IP ***.**.***.*

Thank you for taking the time to read our website and respond.--XI

"...Sheriff Brooks told me he did not have anything to do with the Chanda Turner case because he wasn't even there. He said he was protecting a school bus from a meth lab explosion..." OD: Lindsay

According to the Garvin County Sheriff's Office crime scene log dated 7/13/00 and prepared by Deputy Bill Carson, then Deputy Steve Brooks did in fact enter the crime scene located on Klondike Road and did so at 02:48 hours. [**See the exhibits page for a photocopy of said crime scene log**] --XI

"...You can come to Lindsay and hang a reward poster in my shop any day. I can't wait til they answer for what they did..." PW: Lindsay

Thank you very much. We have a new shipment of posters in and we'll be getting them out all week.--XI

"...I testified before the Grand Jury in Pauls Valley about Tom Horton being shot. I did this in October of last year, I think. I just got a check in the mail from Pauls Valley National Bank that says it is a witness fee for the 'Adkins Grand Jury'. Was this an error? I didn't want to cash it until I was certain there was no mistake made..."  SB: Wynnewood


There was no error. That check pretty much says it all. Several Members of the Eleventh Commandment got similar checks in the mail due to their testimony in the same case. Here is a possible explanation:

The Grand Jury which was convened on September 4th, 2009 by District Judge Candace Blalock following a contentious petition drive (Case number CJ-09-319) was for the matter of the shooting death of Tom Horton, a retired teacher from Wynnewood. The murder cases of Chanda Turner and Sheila Deviney were also added to the Grand Jury by the respective families to potentially be heard afterward as well as two other cases.
The foreman of this Grand Jury, selected by Blalock at the September 21st jury selection was none other than Kirk Dunham, vice president of the Pauls Valley National Bank. Petitioners immediately voiced opposition to Dunham being on the jury after being immediately informed by a former long time PVNB employee that Judge Blalock and her husband then currently had or previously had substantial holdings in that bank including large sums in a personal account as well as one earmarked for a reelection war chest. This implication was considered to be a clear ethical dilema which had the possibility of removing objectivity in the case. However, the petitioners were overruled. In fact, Donna Turner, (mother of murder victim Chanda Turner) who was present as an observer was ordered out of the courtroom by Sheriff Brooks and ADA David Brockman just prior to Dunham being seated for unexplained reasons. [XI Note: Attorney Dan Sprouse, husband of Judge Blalock stated in November 2010 that neither he nor his spouse has now nor has ever possessed any ‘holdings’ as such in the PVNB. He did not clarify whether or not any accounts were previously or presently held there.]

A large majority of the Horton petitioners evidence was discounted by DA staff and not admitted into evidence. It was no surprise then when the Grand Jury did not return a true bill of indictment in the matter of Tom Horton. They thereafter declined to hear the Chanda Turner and Sheila Deviney cases as well as two other cases involving murder and horse neglect. They did, however, agree to hear the case of Andrew Jack 'Andy' Adkins on prescription fraud drug charges presented by the District Attorney Greg Mashburn's Office. One of the charges had previously been brought against Adkins and ended in a hung jury in regular open court. Adkins was thereafter indicted on two drug charges and arrested although he was immediately released on bond. For a time, the case was referred to as Grand Jury versus Adkins but has since been altered again. This may explain your findings.
For more information on the Tom Horton Grand Jury, see the following links to the first and last news clip reporting his case:,0,7705051.story?track=rss
See also a list of other media reports detailing the issue from the justice for the dead website here: --XI

"...Thanks for all the information you gave my family at the Wiley Post festival. I was astonished to see the Sheriff sitting right across from you not paying the matter much attention. I know how I'll vote come November 2nd..." PG: Pauls Valley

The polls open at 7am and remain open until 7pm. See our endorsements on the contact page for our opinion.--XI

"...Tom Horton DID NOT shoot himself. Of that I am certain..." CCE: Wynnewood

We feel quite certain that Mr. Horton's death was not investigated properly, thoroughly or objectively and what transpired at the Grand Jury was incomplete and tainted. However, due to the diligence and interest of friends like you, new knowledge has been gained regarding the events prior to, during and after December 10th, 2008. Mr. Horton, as a Vo/AG teacher was a patient man and never forgot about the thousands of students he taught. We will be patient and not forget about him either.--XI

"...Your efforts are an example to us all. I am proud to have known Sheila Deviney since she and I were in 7th grade. I know the truth will come out. I know they will not get away with what they did... FS: Lindsay

They will certainly not get away with it. Spread the word about the Eleventh Commandment!--XI

"...I would like you to know that you have friends and allies in far away places. I like your motto. Kind of like they can run, but they can't hide. P.S. I hope you found the hot sauce in the packet with the *****..." SJD: El Paso

We did. Thank you and thank you. In fact, we were so horrified with the information yet so impressed with the sauce that we are going to send you some of Garvin County's finest beef jerky made by our very own Geraldine Lister of Pauls Valley.--XI

"...I seem to remember a very large corruption scandal a ways back in Oklahoma which included Garvin County and involved several undercover special agents. I think it involved oil field equipment or stolen pipes and what not. Are ya'll familiar?.." GR: Pauls Valley

You may be referring to an operation which took place in Texas and Oklahoma in 1980-81 in which many county commisioners across the state were investigated by the FBI for conspiracy involving the taking of kickbacks. It is now commonly referred to as OKSCAM. See this link for more information on that event: --XI

"...I would give my name put i dont know who i can and cant trust..." TT: Garvin County

All correspondence with the Eleventh Commandment website is kept in the strictest confidence.-XI

"...There was never any question about who killed her and why. Never for one instant. Now we have hope again that we can build a case that will stick. I saw ***** and *** giving high fives at her funeral. I'm going to be giving high fives when the big steel doors slam shut on him and his cronies..." JAD:Sharon

Our very best to you and your family in your quest for Justice. Thank you for supporting the Eleventh Commandment.--XI

"...I didn't really realize how bad it was until they stabbed my dog over a post on facebook. I'm going to tell everyone I know about this..."  DL: Yukon

The innocent are often preyed upon. But those who do shalt not get away with it...--XI
“…Sheila Deviney deserved more than what she got. I hope the ones who did this to her are found out and punished. I pray they get what’s coming to them…”  GP: Maysville

Yes she did. The guilty will be found out with the help of concerned citizens like you.--XI

“…I’m overjoyed that the Sheila Devany case is getting exposed. I know who done it and it’s a shame they got away so long…” DPL: Lindsay

If you have information you feel may be helpful to the Sheila Deviney case or any other unsolved homicide which is not currently being worked by local law enforcement, don’t hesitate to call, e-mail, fax or mail it to the Eleventh Commandment. We can forward it to where it will do the most good.--XI

“…Can you receive audio or video files? I have some surveillance camera footage which I feel may be pertinent to the ***** case. It's old but I feel it was overlooked by ***** I find that unbelievable..."  AS: Pauls Valley

We can take attachment files up to 10 mb per message via our secure server. Also feel free to mail items into our P.O. Box.  We also have our toll free tip line staffed 24 hours per day. You can even fax items! Please help get the word out. Support the Eleventh Commandment!--XI

“…I knew Tom Horton when he and I used to teach together at ******** schools. I am proud of all of you for what you’re doing… FGR: Houston

Thank you very much.--XI